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4人反应堆4 Player Reactor

4人反应堆4 Player Reactor

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4人反应堆4 Player Reactor 截图

4人反应堆4 Player Reactor 4人反应堆4 Player Reactor 4人反应堆4 Player Reactor 4人反应堆4 Player Reactor 4人反应堆4 Player Reactor 4人反应堆4 Player Reactor

4人反应堆4 Player Reactor 描述

4 Player Reactor is the original fast, clean and funny reaction game for two to four players on the same device.
Challenge your friends (or enemies) to a multiplayer battle of reflexes, wits and knowledge! Great as a bar game, ice breaker or to decide who has to do the dishes.
One of 28 (we continuously add more) exciting mini-games is displayed on screen, and if you think the answer is correct, hit your button faster than your opponents to get a point. But be careful - hit it at the wrong time, and you'll lose one. After a few seconds, the next multiplayer challenge starts - and you can make up for lost points or extend your lead against your adversary!
---- Benefits of 4 Player Reactor: ----
28 (and growing) games with four difficulties each ranging from easy to insane -- that means over 100 combinations! A single-player training mode when you want to hone your skills for the next encounter, no advertisements whatsoever, and lots of extra settings for even more multiplayer fun!
---- Up to four players on the same device! ----
Nobody needs to wait, two, three or four players, one device, at the same time! Frantic multiplayer action is guaranteed for all ages! Some of the included mini-games require pure reaction, so the younger you are the better, while other mini-games require knowledge of countries in the world and puzzle-solving skills. Who can be the best in all of them?
---- Lots of dynamic Minigames! ----
There are 28 mini-games included, and they span all sorts of areas. For example: Who can find the sad face in a group of smiley faces? Does the shown capital city really belong to the country? Can the mouse navigate the maze to the cheese? Hit when the screen turns white! When is the changing labyrinth completed from corner to corner? Has the Countdown hit Zero? React when the Tic-Tac-Toe game is complete! And there's many more!
---- Old-School clean graphics ----
Sporting super-clean and slick graphics, 4 Player Reactor doesn't try to overwhelm or distract you with fancy effects or big explosions.This also means it runs on even the oldest and crankiest of Android devices! Everything in the game has been tested on all kinds of screens, and it runs beautifully on tablets!
---- Settings to suit everyone! ----
There's a no-brainer "Quick Game" mode that allows you to jump right into the action. But if you hate math, or you only want to play that mode with the smiley faces, or you want a really really long game, you can change everything in the advanced settings menu! And if you're trying to learn a different language, we've got you covered: The game has been translated into 25 mysterious languages such as German, French, Chinese, Persian, Finnish, and many many more.
---- Independent developer team! -----
I'm an independent game developer and made the game all by myself - which explains the basic graphics (I like to think of them as clean ;)). I hope you like my game, and I totally crave your feedback, just send me an email at robin@coolcherrytrees.com.
其中28(我们不断添加更多)令人兴奋的迷你游戏显示在屏幕上,如果你认为答案是正确的,打你的按钮比对手更快地拿到一分。但要小心 - 打它在错误的时间,你会失去一个。几秒钟后,下一个挑战的多人开始 - 你可以弥补失分或扩展你的领导对你的对手!
---- 4个球员反应器的好处:----
28(和成长)游戏有四个困难每个从易到疯狂 - 这意味着超过100组合!当你想磨练自己的技能在未来遇到的单人训练模式,没有任何广告,而且很多额外的设置更多人的乐趣!
----最多四个玩家在同一台设备上! ----
----许多迷你游戏动态的! ----
----设置以满足大家! ----
----独立开发团队! -----
我是一个独立的游戏开发商和国产游戏都是由我自己 - 这也解释了基本图形(我喜欢把它们当作干净;))。我希望你喜欢我的比赛,我完全渴望您的反馈意见,只是给我一个电子邮件的robin@coolcherrytrees.com。

4人反应堆4 Player Reactor 更新内容

* New mode: Fitting Ball
* New language: Swedish
* Fixes for Czech language
* Fixes for Jelly Bean (Flags & Mouse Maze)
* New mode: Find the Car
* New languages: Catalan, Persian
* Some scaling issues on ICS fixed
* Reduced install to SD card errors
* Added this changelog
* Improved Pause Game screen
4 new modes:
Positive vs Negative
Silhouettes: Is there an animal?
Silhouettes: Can it fly?
Silhouettes: Is it manmade?
Two new languages: Danish & Hungarian

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Android 1.5 以上

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