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Interpals (unofficial)

Interpals (unofficial)

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Interpals (unofficial) Interpals (unofficial) Interpals (unofficial) Interpals (unofficial) Interpals (unofficial) Interpals (unofficial) Interpals (unofficial) Interpals (unofficial)

Interpals (unofficial) 描述

Find new friends from all over the world and learn languages with Interpals !

Interpals Application for Android allows you to find penpals from anywhere in the world. You can visit their profile, watch and comment their photos, write on their wall, send them messages ....
So if you are looking for foreign friends,language or cultural exchange, or even a relationship, this app is definitely for you. It is totally free and does not contain any ad.

With a base a base of 1 million users, you will sure find interesting people to talk to, and in any language you want.
The advanced search options are very useful to find potential new friends based on their age, sex, country, languages spoken etc ...

This is an unofficial application for the website Interpals (www.interpals.net), the most popular penpal site on the web. You will need an account from this website to use the application.

Features :
* Advanced search options to find new Penfriends from all over the world
* Browse users' profiles, walls, photo albums
* Add comment on someone's wall or photo
* Check who visited your profile recently
* Add and remove people from your friends
* Access to your messages and answer them from your phone
* Receive a notification when you get a new message
* Edit your status or your profile

More to come in the next versions !

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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