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Tablic is a very popular card gam

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Tablic Tablic Tablic

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Tablic is a very popular card game. At least in our part of the world it is. Try it and find out why so many people that know it play it so often. All you can lose is time, all you can get is fun. So, about the game.First, no pixels were hurt while creating this game. You can adjust AI level and background under preferences. To take cards from the table select them (single click) and then double click or fling the card you want to use. Game is played with a 52 card deck. Every card has a value. The value is written on the card, with jack valued 12, queen valued 13, king valued 14 and ace valued 1 or 11, as player finds fit. Goal of the game is to collect 101 points. After the first deal, 4 cards are put on the table. Valuable cards that score points are: ten, ace, jack, queen, king and two of clubs valued 1 point, ten of diamonds or "double ten" is valued 2 points. Rest of the cards have no value. One point is added to player score any time he clears the table (takes all cards from table). After last hand has been played (no cards are left for dealing) points are counted by counting points from valuable cards that player took. Player with most taken cards wins 3 more points for his score - "3 on cards". If no one scores 101 points all cards are shuffled and dealt again.Cards are taken as follows: if player from cards on table can make any combination that in sum makes value of any card he has in his hand than he can take it with this card. If not, player must throw a card. After this next player plays in same manner. Try it and Enjoy.

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Android 1.6.0 以上



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