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Weather U.S.A. Weather U.S.A. Weather U.S.A. Weather U.S.A. Weather U.S.A.

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这个程序是一个国家气象局(NWS)移动网站专用浏览器。这个程序不认可,也不隶属于NOAA/ NWS。 NWS通过这个程序所提供的信息是不以任何方式修改。使用许可和新创建的网站提供http://www.weather.gov/disclaimer免责声明
首页 - 转到新创建的主网页。
加载 - 加载你保存以前经常光顾的链接。请参阅“保存”菜单下面的选项。此菜单选项被禁用,直到你已经保存了一个链接。
- 你去所有的时间,如果有一个新创建的页面,在那里,你可以保存链接。在下一次启动这个程序,你可以使用“载入”按钮瞬间加载连结。
刷新 - 重新载入当前网页。
查找 - 让你可以找到当前页面上的某一段落。
选择文本 - 选择文本复制到剪贴板。可以复制的文本粘贴到其他Android应用程序。此菜单选项可在Android2.3和之前的。在Android4.1中,长按就一个字来选择和复制文本。
与亲友分享 - 分享当前网页。
关于 - 显示关于这个程序的详细信息,如版本号。提供链接到我们的应用程序,我们的网页,我们的Facebook页面。
退出 - 完全关闭这个应用程序。
Local weather information by city, state, or zip code. Detailed 7-day Forecast, yuor local radar, current conditions, satellite image, hazardous weather, area forcast discussion, watches, warnings, advisories, regional radars, satellite IR images, SPC convective outlooks/mesoscale, tropical weather discussion/outlook/maps, marine/tide forecasts, hurricane and tropical storm maps. Lots of weather and climate details around the United States. Snow report.
This app is a dedicated browser for the National Weather Service (NWS) mobile web site. This app is not endorsed nor affiliated with NOAA/NWS. Information provided by NWS through this app is not modified in any way. Permission to use and disclaimer of the NWS web site provided at http://www.weather.gov/disclaimer
Menu Options:
Home - Go to the main NWS web page.
Load - Load a frequented link that you've saved previously. See the "Save" menu option below. This menu option is disabled until you have saved a link.
Save - If there is a NWS page you go to all the time, after getting there, you can save that link. Next time you start this app, you can use the "Load" button to load that link instantly.
Refresh - Reloads the current web page.
Find - Allows you to find a certain passage on the current page.
Select Text - Select text to copy to clipboard. Copied text can be pasted into other Android apps. This menu option is available on Android 2.3 and prior. On Android 4.1, long tap on a word to select and copy text.
Share - Share the current web page with friends and relatives.
About - Show detailed information about this app, such as the version number. Provides links to our apps, our web page, and our Facebook page.
Quit - Shuts down this app completely.

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