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Call family and friends all over the world at super low rates! Use your existing gotalk prepaid balance or purchase a $10, $20 or $30 goCall balance. When you use the goCall VoIP app to access your gotalk Prepaid Mobile balance you will get 25% off gotalk’s already super low rates. A goCall service that is not linked to another gotalk balance gets amazing rates too! Call national and international landlines from 0c per minute (+ flagfall)!
Use goCall anywhere in the world to make low cost, high quality calls. goCall is FREE to download with no in-app adverts. Access your contacts list and call friends and family directly, there is no need to add usernames and have friends accept you before making calls.
Use goCall by either linking to your existing gotalk account OR by purchasing a goCall balance:
• Existing gotalk customer? Log into My Account and enable your gotalk balance for goCall at www.gotalk.com.au/myaccount.
• New to gotalk? Purchase a goCall balance at www.gotalk.com.au/goCall
goCall is a great way to access low international call rates direct from your mobile, with 5 great rate plans to choose from gotalk Prepaid Mobile and goCall have a plan to suit everyone.
If you are new to gotalk your goCall call rates start at 0c per minute. Call landlines Hong Kong and Australia 24 hours a day and pay 0c per minute for the call, only pay a super low 22c flagfall/connection fee.
If you are an existing gotalk customer, your goCall rates will be 25% less than the rates on your gotalk service!
Recharge online at www.gotalk.com.au or via Customer Service by phoning 1800 GOTALK (1800 468 255) or +61 2 9037 0813.
• Super low cost international calls direct from your mobile
• FREE download!
• Free to call friends and family who also have the goCall app
• Use over 3G or Wi-Fi
• High call quality
• Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
• Set up your gotalk account easily online or by calling Customer Service on 1800 GOTALK (1800 468 255) or +61 2 9037 0813
• 24 hour Customer Service available
• Set your own ringtone, quick contacts & other preferences

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Android 2.1.x 以上
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