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Looking for a fun and free way to see what’s coming in store? Use our app to find out what’s on offer in our twice-weekly Specialbuys and find your local Aldi store with our handy Store Locator. You can also create your own shopping list and set reminders to make sure you never miss out!
Here’s what you can expect:
Preview our latest Specialbuys on sale twice a week. They cover a wide range of categories from food and homeware to gardening, tools and so much more.
Store Locator:
This conveniently shows all the nearest stores in your area as well as current opening times. You will always know when and where you can shop for our latest offers.
Shopping List:
An easy way to shop and always to hand, our app allows you to build a customised shopping list. Fill it with Specialbuys and add your own items. This way you won’t miss out on what you want. Remember when they're gone, they’re gone!
QR Code Scanner:
A quick and easy way to learn more about our products. Find QR codes printed on packaging or in our Specialbuy leaflets. Simply scan the code into the app and you’re away with one click.
Super 6 Fruit & Veg:
Take your pick of the crop and find out what's available this week with our Super 6 Fruit and Veg. A fortnightly offer where we bring you the freshest mix of fruit and vegetables at the best value prices.
Fresh Meat Offers:
Get the best cuts at the best prices with our weekly fresh meat offers. Here you’ll be able to see what’s on offer in store.
Like our app? We’d love to know what you think! Whether you have suggestions for improvement or experience any problems when using the Aldi app, we welcome your feedback.
Please, drop us an e-mail at mobile-app@aldi.ie and we’ll put it on the top of our agenda to see how we can make our app even better for you.
Don’t forget to rate our app. You can also share your experiences with other users on our Aldi Ireland Facebook and Twitter pages.
App Permissions
* Network communication: This permission is especially used for the retrieval of the current special offers and the most recent store data. Information on the user is not transmitted, unless the e-mail reminder service is used. Please refer to our data protection policy for further information.
* Network communication: Before updated information is retrieved, a check will be carried out to determine whether a data connection is available. If this is not the case, a corresponding notification message will be displayed.
* System boot: In previous versions, in-app reminders were deleted when the phone was switched off. This however, did not affect e-mail reminders. With this new permission, all reminders will be restored upon each reboot.
* Access to protected storage: This will enable the ALDI Ireland app to allow Google Maps to cache the map. The ALDI Ireland app will not directly access your external storage media.
* Approximate location: GPS requires a comparably high level of performance. Due to this, the ALDI Ireland app will initially attempt to determine your location for the Store Locator by other means.
* Your location: The GPS location is required for the Store Locator functionality.
* Hardware controls (camera/vibration/flashlight): The nearest stores can be displayed by means of the augmented reality functionality. In addition, QR codes printed on our product packages and leaflets can be scanned with the ‘QR Code Scanner’ under the ‘More’ menu.

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Android 2.1.x 以上
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