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Barometer Prime 描述

This app not only displays your local barometric pressure, but visualizes a complete history of measurements as well as an estimation of your altitude !
For such a history to be useful, the app autonomously takes measurements once in a while. In order not to drain your battery, you have lots of configuration options to fine-tune the app's behaviour and to find an ideal trade-off between measurement resolution and battery consumption.
Therefore, this app is ideally suited not only for hobby meteorologists, but also for alpinists, mountaineers, skydivers, glider pilots, etc.
If you have any questions, experience any bugs or have feature requests, don't hesitate to get in contact and visit the homepage at http://barometer.hyfy.de
Note: you actually need a pressure sensor (barometer) in your device (as e.g. in the Nexus Prime, Galaxy Nexus)!
Features include:
- Open Source (GPL v3)
- Up-to-date atmospheric pressure information
- Estimation of altitude
- Absolute and normalized pressure display.
- History of past measurements
- Homescreen widgets
- Support for different units, e.g. mbar, bar, hPa, kPa, Pa, inHg, mmHg, torr, psi, at, atm
- Reference settings for altitude estimations (in meter, foot, degree celsius and fahrenheit)
- Statusbar notifications
- Multitouch chart to zoom and scroll within your measurement history
- Time- and Size-based Window operators for displaying measurements
- Selective clearance of history
- Battery Guard adapting measurement intervals upon low battery state
- Lots of configuration options
- Configuration profiles to ease the use
- Detailed technical information about built-in pressure sensor(s)
- Measurement and behaviour statistics
Configuration options include:
- Set the measurement interval
- Select your favorite pressure and altitude units
- Set the persistence interval
- Smooth measurements by calculating averages
- Restrict size of history
- Compact history using different modes
- Turn on/off sensor service and statusbar notifications
- Auto-start barometer service upon device boot
- Enable/disable multitouch gestures
- Foreground-service option to prevent being killed upon low memory
- Acquire wake-locks to not miss a measurement due to Android's power management policies
- Set the update rate for the history chart
- Use size- or time-based sliding windows to only view the most current measurements
- Auto-scale history chart or specify upper and lower boundaries
- Adapt the visual appearance of the history chart to your needs (fonts, grid lines, date format, etc.)
This app respects your privacy ! No personal data is given to third parties. This app is open source and licenced under the GPL v3.
Permissions are:
- RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: used to auto-start the barometer service taking measurements. Can be turned off !
- WAKE_LOCK: used for measurement rates below 0.1 Hz to keep the CPU running in order not to miss a measurement. Can be turned off !
- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: required for the option to export the measurement history as a file.
Future permission requirements will include:
- GPS for automatically setting the reference altitude and for retrieving current pressure values from webservices if you do not have a pressure sensor
- Internet in order to retrieve current pressure values from webservices if you do not have a pressure sensor
注意:你确实需要在您的设备压力传感器(气压计)(如如在Nexus总理,Galaxy Nexus的)!
- 开源(GPL第三版)
- 最多最新的大气压信息
- 高度的估计
- 绝对和归一化压力显示。
- 过去测量的历史
- 主屏幕小部件
- 支持不同的单位,例如毫巴,酒吧,百帕,千帕,帕,英寸汞柱,毫米汞柱,托,PSI时,大气压
- 海拔高度估计参考设置(以米,脚,学位摄氏和华氏)
- 状态栏的通知
- 多点触控的图表您测量到的历史记录中的缩放和滚动
- 时间和基于大小的窗口运营商用于显示测量
- 历史的选择清仓
- 电池卫队在低电量状态调整测量间隔
- 大量的配置选项
- 配置描述文件,以缓解使用
- 关于内置压力传感器(S)详细技术资料
- 测量和统计行为
- 设置测量间隔
- 选择你最喜欢的气压及高度单位
- 设置余辉时间间隔
- 平滑测量通过计算平均值
- 限制历史的尺寸
- 使用不同的模式结构紧凑历史
- 打开/关闭传感器的服务和状态栏的通知
- 在设备开机自动启动服务的晴雨表
- 启用/禁用多点触控手势
- 前台服务选项,以防止在低内存被杀害
- 收购唤醒锁不能错过的测量,由于Android的电源管理策略
- 设置更新速率为历史图
- 使用大小或基于时间的滑动窗口来仅查看最新的测量
- 自动量程历史图表或指定上限和下限
- 适应历史图表的外观您的需求(字体,网格线,日期格式等)
这个程序尊重您的隐私!没有个人资料提供给第三方。这个程序是开源的,基于GPL v3的许可。
- RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED:用于自动启动该服务气压表进行测量。可以关掉!
- WAKE_LOCK:用于低于0.1 Hz测量速率,以保持CPU的运行,以免错过任何一个测量。可以关掉!
- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAG​​E:需要对测量历史记录导出为一个文件的选项。
- GPS进行自动设置参考高度,并从web服务获取当前的压力值,如果你没有一个压力传感器
- 互联网,以便从web服务检索当前压力值,如果你没有一个压力传感器

Barometer Prime 更新内容

After 47 feature and bug-fix releases Barometer Prime is finally out of BETA phase. Nevertheless, please keep reporting any further bugs or feature requests to barometer@hyfy.de. Thank you !
* 1.0.4
+ fixed a widget bug showing wrong value if not mBar
* 1.0.3
+ added feature to apply a constant correction value to all measurements (see Preferences -> Visualization)
+ minor bug fixes

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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