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Börse Frankfurt

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Börse Frankfurt Börse Frankfurt Börse Frankfurt Börse Frankfurt

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Real-time prices from the markets Frankfurt and Xetra, managing of different watchlists and portfolios, an individual market overview as well as current news and financial dates – this and much more is provided free of charge by the official Boerse Frankfurt App.
The most important features:
- Stocks, bonds, funds or ETFs – Pursue all Frankfurt prices and up to three Xetra prices per day in real time.
- Sign up and benefit from the automatic synchronisation of your mobile data with our website boerse-frankfurt.de. Manage your watchlists and portfolios anytime and anywhere.
- Select your own market indicators such as DAX, Euro/USD or Gold and choose your preferred marketplace.
- Use the new trade-buttons and switch to the order screen of your broker with only one click.
- Local watchlists and portfolios without registration. Observe your personal finance anonymously.
- Keep an eye on the Frankfurt trading floor with our DAX camera.
- New users: all features are explained in our free app manual. Order the free print version or download the guide directly on your smartphone.
For any suggestions or further assistance in using our app, please contact us by sending a mail redaktion@deutsche-boerse.com or contact us by phone +49(0)69211 18310.
Website of the Deutsche Boerse AG Boerse Frankfurt – realtime quotes, watchlists and portfolios of stocks, bonds, funds, ETFs, Xetra Order Book and more.
从市场的法兰克福Xetra平台和不同的监视列表和组合,个别市场概况以及当前的新闻和财务日期的管理实时价格 - 这一点,更是通过官方证交所法兰克福应用程序免费提供。
- 股票,债券,基金或交易所买卖基金 - 追求所有法兰克福价格,并实时每天的三Xetra平台的价格。
- 注册并从您的移动数据与我们的网站boerse-frankfurt.de自动同步受益。随时随地管理您的观察列表和投资组合。
- 选择你自己的市场指标,如DAX指数,欧元/美元或黄金,并选择您的首选市场。
- 使用新的贸易按钮,切换到你的经纪人的订单屏幕只有一个点击。
- 本地监视列表和投资组合无需注册。匿名观察你的个人财务。
- 保持与我们DAX相机法兰克福交易大厅的眼睛。
- 新用户:所有功能都在我们的免费应用程序手册中的说明。订购免费印刷版或直接下载该指南在智能手机上。
对于任何建议或使用我们的应用程序进一步的帮助,请联系我们,发送邮件redaktion@deutsche-boerse.com或电话+49(0)69211 18310与我们联系。
网站的德意志交易所证交所法兰克福 - 实时报价,监视列表和股票,债券,基金,交易所买卖基金,Xetra交易订单簿和更多的投资组合。

Börse Frankfurt 更新内容

Thank you for your feedback, good ideas and suggestions. We hope you will continue making frequent use of our mobile Service.
This update fixes a Bug that prevented users from adding new instruments to the watchlist and portfolio in some cases.

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金融理财 理财记账 投资
Android 2.3.7 以上

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