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android2.x wifi扫描仪

android2.x wifi扫描仪

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android2.x wifi扫描仪 android2.x wifi扫描仪 android2.x wifi扫描仪 android2.x wifi扫描仪 android2.x wifi扫描仪 android2.x wifi扫描仪 android2.x wifi扫描仪 android2.x wifi扫描仪 android2.x wifi扫描仪 android2.x wifi扫描仪

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Now LTE ready! Fieldtest shows LTE RSRP and RSRQ.
A permanent RXL level of -115dBm on some Samsung phones is a Samsung bug! Only Samsung is able to fix that.
Powerful WarDriving scanner and GSM / CDMA / EVDO / UMTS and LTE Netmonitor and drive test tool with voice notifications. It scans for all WiFi networks in range & saves the data with GPS coordinates into a file on your sd card. You can create a kml file for Google Earth. It shows you the encrytion, channel an signal strength. It shows all APs in range in a live map.
G-MoN is a Wardriving scanner to collect and map all received wifi access points. It is also a 2G/3G netmonitor and field test drive tool for radio planning engineers. Needs enabled GPS for correct position in map!
To import a V3.0 (decimal cell data and coordinates without characters) CLF file, remove all comment lines, rename it to import.clf and copy it to /sdcard/gmon/ then start import CLF from menu.
You can log GSM or UMTS RX levels into a kml file for Google Earth or a csv file. There are 5 color groups for different levels. These levels can be defined by the user in the settings menue. This file is saved into the gmon folder on the sdcard or external memory. When the log is running, the G-MoN Notification Icon changes color to red. 2G/3G logging does not work when the screen is off!
?立即LTE准备好了! Fieldtest显示了LTE的导频信号接收功率和RSRQ。
的功能强大的驾驶攻击扫描仪和GSM / CDMA / EVDO / UMTS和LTE的Netmonitor和驱动器的测试带语音留言的通知的工具。它会扫描为所有的WiFi的网络在范围内,,&节省了将数据与全球定位系统坐标转换成参数上的一个文件您的的sd卡。您可以创建一个为谷歌Earth上的kml文件。它显示了你的encrytion中,信道一个信号强度。它显示了所有在范围内的AP在一个活的的地图中。
G-的MoN是一个以驾驶攻击扫描仪的,,,以收集,并将其映射所有接收到的的的wifi的接入点。它也是一个的2G/3G netmonitor和田间试验无线电覆盖预测规划工程师的驱动器工具,用于。需要启用的的GPS为正确的位置上在地图中查看!
若要汇入一个V3.0(十进制的单元格数据和没有个字符的的坐标)CLF文件,请移除所有的的注释行,它重命名为import.clf,并将它复制至/ SD卡/ gmon /然后启动进口的CLF从菜单中。
您可以登录GSM或UMTS RX水平成一个KML的文件为谷歌地球或一个csv文件中的。有是针对不同的的水平的5个的颜色组。在这些各级可以被定义由网站用户在的设置“MENUE中。此文件将被保存成的gmon上的sd卡或外部的存储器中的文件夹。当该日志正在运行时,的G-的MoN的通知图标改变颜色设置为红色。的2G/3G的日志记录不工作,当在屏幕上是关闭状态时,!

android2.x wifi扫描仪 更新内容

Version 4.2.0 2016-03-06
* added Drive tab
* PCI + Cell ID detection improved on some phones
* show RSRP instead of RSSI in map
* added 6th colorgroup (orange) in KML log
* added LTE local cellid LTE in KML log and voice notifications
* fixed Wifi KML export
* added US English for voice notifications
* added option when sitting backwards in trains
* added new options for cell and LAC voice notifications
* added option to speak cid and lac as digits
* small fixes

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系统工具 WiFi 优化
Android 2.3.2 以上
C. Knuetter

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