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图像测量(汉化版) 截图

图像测量(汉化版) 图像测量(汉化版) 图像测量(汉化版) 图像测量(汉化版) 图像测量(汉化版) 图像测量(汉化版)

图像测量(汉化版) 描述

ImageMeter lets you measure dimensions, angles and areas in your photos with ease. No more need to draw a sketch of your apartment or furniture. Simply take a photo and annotate it with the dimensions on your phone or pad.
ImageMeter has the broadest support for Bluetooth laser distance measurement devices. Most devices from Leica, Bosch, CEM, Hilti, and TruPulse are supported (see below for full list of devices).
What is also special about ImageMeter is that it enables you to measure within the image long after you took the picture. It often happens that after taking the photo, being back at home or in the office, one realizes that some important distances have not been measured. This is no problem anymore with ImageMeter, because it enables you to measure the missing data directly from the photos, afterwards. Additionally, with this feature, you can also easily measure the dimensions for places which are too difficult to reach. This works whenever the objects you want to measure are within a plane (even if it is only virtual) and if you can provide a reference rectangle for ImageMeter. ImageMeter will take care of all perspective foreshortening and still compute the measurements correctly. You can also have as many measurement planes in one image as you like.
- measurements of lengths, angle, and arbitrarily shaped areas
- metric and imperial units (even formats like 1' 2 3/4" are supported)
- value input with autocompletion
- text annotation with user definable preset texts and automatic text formatting
- export to PDF, JPEG and PNG
- sort your images into subfolders and export complete folders as ZIP archives
- Bluetooth connectivity to laser distance meters for measuring lengths, areas, and angles.
Supported bluetooth laser distance meters:
- Leica Disto D110, D810, D510 (Android 4.3 with Bluetooth LE required),
- Leica Disto D3a-BT, D8, A6, D330i,
- Bosch PLR30c, PLR40c, PLR50c, GLM50c, GLM100c,
- Hilti PD-38 (this is the only app that supports this device),
- CEM iLDM-150, Toolcraft LDM-70BT,
- TruPulse 200 and 360,
This is the free evaluation copy with watermarks in exported images, some limitations on the number of measures per photo and limited Bluetooth measurement distance. For the full version, either install the pro version or upgrade within the free app. Both ways give you the full set of features.
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Support email: imagemeter@gmail.com.
Feel free to contact me if you observe any problems,
or just want to give feedback. I will answer to your
emails and help you resolve problems.
At this place, I'd like to thank all users for all the positive feedback I get. Many of your proposals have already been implemented and improved the app a lot, and many ideas are waiting to be included in the next versions. Let me assure you that all of your proposals are considered, as my goal is to make this app as good as possible to improve your productivity.
Thank you for providing translations: Marco D. (Italian), Victor R. (Russian), Ning Zhao (Chinese), Maxberg (Czech)
什么也特别之处ImageMeter的是,它使您能够将图像中衡量你拍了照后不久。它经常发生,拍摄照片,在家里或在办公室里被回后,人们意识到,一些重要的距离没有被测量。这是没有问题再和ImageMeter,因为它使您能够直接从照片测量数据缺失,算账。此外,有了这个功能,你也可以很容易地衡量它们太难到达的地方的尺寸。这工作时,你要测量的对象是一个平面(哪怕仅仅是虚拟的)中,如果你能提供ImageMeter参照矩形。 ImageMeter会照顾所有透视缩短,仍然正确计算的测量。你也可以有很多测量飞机在一个图像,只要你喜欢。
- 长度,角度的测量,以及任意形状的区域
- 公制和英制单位(即使格式,如1'2 3/4“的支持)
- 带有自动完成输入值
- 文字注释根据用户定义的预设文本和自动文本格式
- 您的图像分类到子文件夹和出口完整的文件夹,ZIP压缩文件
- 蓝牙连接到激光测距仪,用于测量长度,面积,和角度。
- 徕卡迪士通D110,D810,D510(Android 4.3的带蓝牙LE需要)
- 徕卡迪士通D3A-BT,D8,A6,D330i,
- 博世PLR30c,PLR40c,PLR50c,GLM50c,GLM100c,
- 喜利得PD-38(这是支持该器件唯一的应用程序)
- CEM iLDM-150,Toolcraft LDM-70BT,
- TruPulse的200和360,
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图像测量(汉化版) 更新内容

- autodetect Toolcraft LDM-70BT device protocol
- text element can be draw without border
- fix iLDM-150 measurements
- fix Bluetooth transmission to reference elements
- fix UI layout problem on some phones

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Android 4.0.3 以上
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