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RunGPS Trainer Pro TRIAL

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RunGPS Trainer Pro TRIAL RunGPS Trainer Pro TRIAL RunGPS Trainer Pro TRIAL RunGPS Trainer Pro TRIAL RunGPS Trainer Pro TRIAL RunGPS Trainer Pro TRIAL

RunGPS Trainer Pro TRIAL 描述

The TRIAL runs for 14 days without restrictions. The trial version corresponds to the "Run.GPS Trainer UV Pro" edition. Functionality will be reduced when you enter a non-Pro licence key.
Run.GPS Trainer UV is the perfect tool to take along doing all sorts of outdoor sports like running, skiing, hiking, and many more. The only app that offers voice output of all important values and specialized route planning for runners and cyclists.
Main features:
- High-precision algorithm for recording training tracks, distances and speeds
- Navigation for runners, hikers and cyclists!
- Voice output (text-to-speech) for training data (speed, distance, pace, ...) and navigation (turn-by-turn instructions)
- Automatically download and cache maps from the web
- Upload and download from GPS-Sport.net with the push of a button
- Get sportive analyses on GPS-Sport.net, compare yourself to others
- Create, manage and download training plans
- Export geo data directly (GPX, KML, CSV)
- Detailed HTML training report
- Training comparison report
- Weekly / monthly analysis
- Calories consumption report
- 11 program languages: CZ, DE, DK, EN, ES, FR, IT, NL, NO, PT, SE
- 4 voice/TTS languages: DE, EN, ES, FR
- Connect to Bluetooth 2.0 based heart rate monitors (Polar WearLink+ Bluetooth, Zephyr HxM)
- Connect to ANT+™ compatible heart rate monitors and bike cadence sensors (requires ANT+ compatible phone, - for a complete listing of ANT+ Certified Products and their specific interoperability, visit the ANT+ Product Directory at www.thisisant.com/directory)
Other features:
- Placemarks
- Live Tracking (on GPS-Sport.net or other websites)
- Fully configurable displays (choose from more than 100 training parameters)
- Pause detection: shows all pauses on the map screen and computes average speeds based on net time
- Manual registration of non-GPS trainings such as swimming
- Easy to use big buttons for Start, Stop and Split
- Incremental backup during a training (never lose your data even if your battery collapses)
- Upload training recordings with one click to GPS-Sport.net or GPSies.com
- Any training can be continued at any time (even days later)
- Geo-coding Images (easier than with any other software)
- Virtual Training Partner (compete against yourself or others)
试运行14天,没有任何限制。试用版对应Run.GPS师UV PRO“版。当你进入一个非专业版授权码功能将减少。
- 高精度的算法,用于记录训练轨迹,距离和速度
- 跑步,远足和骑自行车的导航!
- 语音输出(文本到语音)的训练数据(速度,距离,速度,...),导航(转由转动的指示)
- 自动下载并缓存从网上地图
- 上传和下载GPS Sport.net的按下一个按钮
- 获取嬉戏分析GPS-Sport.net,,自己和别人比较
- 创建,管理和下载培训计划
- 地理数据导出为直接(GPX,KML,CSV)
- 详细的HTML培训报告
- 培训比较报告
- 每周/每月分析
- 消耗热量报告
- 4语音/ TTS语言:DE,EN,ES,FR
- 连接到基于蓝牙2.0的心脏速率监视器(极地的WearLink +蓝牙,和风HXM)
- 连接到ANT +™兼容的心脏速率监视器和自行车脚踏圈速传感器(需要ANT +兼容的手机, - 一个完整的上市ANT +认证的产品,以及各自具体的互操作性,请访问ANT +产品目录在www.thisisant.com /目录)
- 地标
- 动态追踪(上的GPS Sport.net或其他网站)
- 完全可配置的显示器(来自100多个训练参数选择)
- 暂停检测:显示所有在地图画面上暂停,并计算平均车速的基础上净时间
- 手动登记的非GPS如游泳培训
- 易于使用的大按钮开始,停止和拆分
- 增量备份在训练(永远不会丢失你的数据,即使您的电池倒塌)
- 培训录音上传点击到的GPS Sport.net或GPSies.com的
- 任何培训,可以随时继续(甚至几天后)
- 地理编码图像(比任何其他软件更容易)
- 虚拟培训合作伙伴(对自己或他人的竞争)

RunGPS Trainer Pro TRIAL 更新内容

* Added more Polish translations (Thanks Mateus)
* Fixed TCX export through Dropbox

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Android 2.3 以上
Google Play

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