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FC Bayern München

FC Bayern München

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FC Bayern München FC Bayern München FC Bayern München FC Bayern München FC Bayern München FC Bayern München FC Bayern München FC Bayern München FC Bayern München FC Bayern München

FC Bayern München 描述

A new app for the new season – we’ve significantly upgraded the FC Bayern app right on time for the start of the 2015/16 campaign. We’ve given the record champions’ official app a complete visual and functional overhaul and added a host of new features too. You’ll love the fresh and up-to-date design, the clean and simple navigation, the expanded matchday service, and new features to enhance your visit to the Allianz Arena. We’re bringing fans even close than ever before to Thomas Müller, Manuel Neuer & the rest of the stars.
New features in the latest release of the FC Bayern app:
- Fresh, modern design, easy to navigate
- Enhanced Matchcenter (line-ups, stats, live standings, goal alerts from parallel fixtures)
- Interactive features (prize competitions, live votes, man of the match)
- Stadium visit functions (stadium plan, Arena Card top-up)
- Special features when connected to the Allianz Arena WLAN (free FCB.tv content, live streams, Share your Picture)
Naturally, the app still includes all the content you’ve come to know and appreciate. If you activate push notifications, you’ll never miss another news story, video or goal as we at FC Bayern will alert you whenever there’s something new. It’s convenient and always up to date: stay on the ball with the upgraded and expanded FC Bayern app!
对于新赛季的新的应用程序 - 我们已经显著升级拜仁应用正确的时间为2015/16运动的开始。我们已经给唱片冠军的官方应用程序一个完整的视觉和功能的检修,并增加了许多新的功能了。你一定会喜欢的新鲜和及时更新的设计,干净和简单的导航,扩大比赛日的服务,以及新的功能,以提高您访问安联球场。我们将球迷甚至比以往任何时候都接近之前托马斯·穆勒,诺伊尔和星星的休息。
- 新鲜,现代的设计,易于浏览
- 增强Matchcenter(阵容,统计,现场榜上,从并行灯具目标警报)
- 互动功能(评比一等奖,现场投票,比赛的人)
- 体育场访问功能(体育场的计划,竞技场卡充值)
- 特殊功能,当连接到安联球场WLAN(免费FCB.tv内容,实时数据流,分享您的照片)

FC Bayern München 更新内容

- Minor changes and new features

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