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Dark Mysteries Free

Dark Mysteries Free

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Finally: the best selling game of

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Dark Mysteries Free Dark Mysteries Free Dark Mysteries Free

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Finally: the best selling game of its kind on the iPhone is now available for Android.DarkMysteries is an exciting detective game to play with your friends. It contains dozens of mysteries waiting to be solved on parties, at a campfire or on long car journeys.Features: - 5 unique, exciting mysteries - Every mystery has been illustrated by hand - 3D effects and intuitive touch controls - The game contains two languages: English and GermanThe game works like this: - You choose a mystery and read it out loud - Then you take a look at the solution. Of course you keep it to yourself! - Now your friends take turns in asking you questions that can be answered with YES or NO (no other answers are allowed!) - Who solves the riddle first wins. He or she may read out the next mysteryWarning:This game can't be played alone. You need at least one other player.

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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