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Quizoid - Quiz Spiel (deutsch)

Quizoid - Quiz Spiel (deutsch)

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Quizoid - Quiz Spiel (deutsch) Quizoid - Quiz Spiel (deutsch) Quizoid - Quiz Spiel (deutsch) Quizoid - Quiz Spiel (deutsch) Quizoid - Quiz Spiel (deutsch) Quizoid - Quiz Spiel (deutsch) Quizoid - Quiz Spiel (deutsch) Quizoid - Quiz Spiel (deutsch) Quizoid - Quiz Spiel (deutsch) Quizoid - Quiz Spiel (deutsch)

Quizoid - Quiz Spiel (deutsch) 描述

Features overview:
★ 6,000+ trivia questions spread over 6 levels
★ 17 fields of knowledge including sports, entertainment, nature and more
★ 2 game modes: play endless on Classic mode or get 20 questions without game over on 20-Questions mode
★ 3 lifelines: 50/50, 2-shots and change question
★ offline playable: on long road trips or while on the subway
★ always up-to-date: regular updates with fresh questions (current state is July 2016)
Test your knowledge! Quizoid is a demanding multiple choice quiz with 2 different game modes. Play as long as you like with sudden death on Classic mode or answer 20 questions without game over on 20 questions mode. Quizoid wont make you a millionaire but for sure improves your general knowledge.
Like the well known "Who wants to be a millionaire?" and other quiz games, Quizoid features 3 lifelines that might come in handy. Use the well-known Fifty-fifty, get a second guess or swap a question for another of your favorite category.
Talking about trivia categories, here's what Quizoid has to offer:
• Art & Literature,
• Astronomy & Space,
• Chemistry,
• Entertainment,
• Famous People,
• Food & Beverage,
• General Knowledge,
• Geography,
• History,
• Language,
• Mathematics,
• Medical Sience,
• Nature,
• Politics,
• Religion,
• Science & Technology and
• Sports.
Unlike many other trivia apps Quizoid is playable offline anytime. Take it with you on a road trip or play a quick game while you are on the sub! Plus: with Quizoid's built-in quiz statistics you can follow your progress across all fields of knowledge.
If single player isn't you cup of tea, sign in with Goolge Plus to challenge your friends on Quizoid's online leaderboards and to unlock achievments! Furthermore you can send in your own trivia questions via the in game Send question option. Get your knowledge into the quiz!
The game's minimalistic and stylish design helps you stay focused. Choose between a black and a white layout or play the app on landscape mode and cast it to your TV screen!
If you like our trivia game, rate it on the Google Play Store! You can also give this page a +1 on Google Plus! You have something to say? Send us an email to support@habanero-apps.de! Your feedback is highly appreciated.
If this free quiz isn't enough and you want more, try Quizoid Pro! It comes with 3,000 additional questions PLUS 2 new game modes: Category mode and Pro mode. Download here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.habanero.quizoidpro
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★6,000琐事问题 ,分布在6个级别
★知识的17个油田 包括体育,娱乐,自然多
★2种游戏模式 :玩无尽的经典模式或20-问题拿到模式没有比赛的20个问题了
★3生命线 :50/50,2次出手变化问题
★离线播放的 :在长途旅行或在地铁上
★始终保持最新 :用新鲜的问题,定期更新(当前状态为2016年7月)
测试您的知识! Quizoid是一个苛刻的选择题测验有2种不同的游戏模式。玩,只要你喜欢的猝死经典模式 或回答了在没有比赛的20个问题 < b> 20题模式 。 Quizoid不会让你成为百万富翁,但可以肯定的提高你的一般知识。
• 食品与饮料,
• 基本知识,
• 语言,
• 政治,
与许多其他应用程式的琐事是Quizoid 离线播放的任何时间 。你把它在客场之旅或玩快速游戏,而你在分!加:与Quizoid的内置 测验统计 你可以按照跨越知识的各个领域你的进步。
如果单人游戏是不是你的那杯茶,请用Goolge的加在Quizoid的挑战你的朋友 在线排行榜 和解锁成就!此外,你可以在自己的小问题通过 在游戏中发送问题选项 发送。让你的知识纳入竞猜!
游戏的简约,时尚的设计可以帮助你保持专注。黑色和白色的布局或播放应用程序的风景模式和 投到您的电视屏幕 之间进行选择!
如果这个免费测验是不够的,你想了解更多,请尝试 Quizoid临 !它配备了3000的其他问题PLUS 2个新的游戏模式:分类模式和专业模式。点击此处下载:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.habanero.quizoidpro

Quizoid - Quiz Spiel (deutsch) 更新内容

+ questions updated
+ removed outdated and odd entertainment questions

Quizoid - Quiz Spiel (deutsch) 历史版本

Quizoid - Quiz Spiel (deutsch) 信息

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Android 4.0.2 以上
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