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Bilkom - Train Timetable Bilkom - Train Timetable Bilkom - Train Timetable Bilkom - Train Timetable Bilkom - Train Timetable Bilkom - Train Timetable

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Bilkom – Personal Train Timetable Navigator
The mobile journey planner for Android smartphones offers the most comprehensive information service for your journey with all railway providers in Poland and beyond the border. The free app seamlessly finds connections or checks current arrival times. Plan your trip from your current location to the next train station, a specific address or your point of interest. Bilkom is the only official app for Android smartphones providing all the information available in the timetable of Polish State Railways PKP (www.rozklad-pkp.pl).
Real-time information
Wherever you are, your Android smartphone will always give you the latest available updates on your train connection. Whether on a train yourself or on the way to pick somebody up from the station, Bilkom knows if everything runs on time. You can also activate a departure view of your station of choice to be always visible on your display.
Up to date on operational disruptions
Train operation may sometimes be impacted by unexpected circumstances. Messages regarding operational disruptions help you to (re)consider your travel plans, to adjust yourself to possible waiting time and to bridge it even better.
Easily find train stations nearby
Bilkom is able to find stations or other points of interest e.g. football stadiums, hotels or restaurants – either via GPS or when entering a specific address. The search results can be added as the starting or end points of your journey. Moreover, the app can immediately generate departure and arrival times for chosen stations nearby.
Augmented Reality
With the help of your smartphone camera, Bilkom shows you train stations nearby. Depending on your current location and the direction in which you point the camera, different stations will be displayed via a virtual overlay that blends with the actual scenery. By clicking on a station, the app lists the next departures.
Personal timetable
Store individual connections and call them up at any time, even without internet
access. Once you have made a request via Bilkom, you can save the desired connection and easily access it offline – anytime and anywhere.
- 个人Bilkom列车时刻表导航
Android智能手机的移动旅程规划提供最全面的信息服务,为您的旅途所有的铁路供应商在波兰和超越边界。免费的应用程序无缝地发现连接或检查当前的时代到来。计划您的行程从当前位置到下一个火车站,一个特定的地址或兴趣点。 Bilkom是唯一的官方应用程序的Andr​​oid智能手机提供的所有信息可在波兰国家铁路PKP(www.rozklad pkp.pl)时间表。
Bilkom是能够找到的兴趣。比如站或其它点足球场,酒店或餐馆 - 通过GPS或进入一个特定的地址。搜索结果可以加入你的旅程的起点或终点。此外,该应用程序可以立即生成的出发和到达时间选择站附近。
访问。一旦你已作出请求通过Bilkom,你可以保存所需的连接,并轻松地访问脱机 - 随时随地。

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