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Railteam Mobile Railteam Mobile Railteam Mobile Railteam Mobile Railteam Mobile

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Railteam Mobile – One Timetable for all European trains on your Android device!
"Railteam Mobile" provides live timetable information for all European trains and connections, synchronising and simplifying travel across Europe. Station maps ease your connections by showing where you arrive and where you need to get to. Download the "Railteam Mobile" application to your Android device and enjoy seamless navigation across the European rail network.
"Railteam Mobile" is designed specifically to meet the needs of train users throughout Europe. Timetable enquiries for specific stations and routes can be made real-time and then displayed immediately on your device.
"Railteam Mobile" is available in English, German, French and Dutch.
- Plan trip entering departure/arrival stations and stops
- Plan trip using GPS from current location
- Live international and national timetables
- Fully integrated maps
- Detailed trip planner results
- Save trips to favourites
- Real-time information on delays, cancellations and platform changes where available
- Viewable station maps
- Information about the Railteam alliance
Railteam的手机 - 你的Andr​​oid设备上的所有欧洲火车时间表!
“Railteam的移动直播时间表”提供所有欧洲火车和连接信息,同步和简化整个欧洲的旅行。 ,站地图缓解你到达的地方,你需要得到您的连接。下载“的Railteam移动”应用程序到你的Andr​​oid设备,并享受整个欧洲铁路网络的无缝导航。
- 计划行程进入出发/到达站和巴士站
- 计划行程使用GPS从当前位置
- 实时国际和国家时间表
- 完全集成的地图
- 详细的旅行计划结果
- 人次保存到收藏夹
- 实时信息延误,取消和平台的变化可用
- 可视车站地图
- 信息的Railteam联盟

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The latest version of the Android app Railteam Mobile is updated to run with Android 5 without crashes when users want to display a map.

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Android 1.5 以上
Google Play

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