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Bus & Bahn Bus & Bahn Bus & Bahn Bus & Bahn Bus & Bahn Bus & Bahn

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VBB "Bus & Train" app: Route planner and tickets for all public transport in Berlin and Brandenburg.
Please note: The menu can be accessed through the VBB app by swiping from left to right.
Timetable information
- Home: Route planner and mobile phone ticket can be used immediately
- Connection information for all services regarding regional transport, commuter trains, underground, trams, buses and ferries throughout the entire Berlin-Brandenburg network area
- Real-time data from almost all transport companies in Berlin and Brandenburg
- On time: Departure times at stops/stations with the possibility to adjust the display
- Connections/routes can be added to your calendar or shared with friends via text message, email, Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp
- Network plans: once downloaded, they are also available offline
Handyticket (mobile phone ticket)
- Short-journey tickets, single tickets, day passes, small-group day tickets for the entire network area of Berlin and Brandenburg; in Berlin are also 4-journey tickets available as well as tickets for tourists (WelcomeCard CityTourCard)
- Payment by direct debit or credit card
- Prepaid payment without providing personal data information
- Registration for customer account e.g. for receipt processing requests
- For occasional users and tourists, purchase by credit card without registration
- Use of the VBB account in the “Handyticket-Deutschland-App” for purchasing tickets to use in many other regions within Germany
Access rights: exclusively for features within the app
- Contacts: take over the addresses from your own contacts to the start/destination search (e.g. search for girlfriend Petra by typing "Petra")
- Calendar: Enter the found searches into your own calendar as an appointment reminder
- Tracking: Displays the nearest stop/station for the search for transport links, or the boarding stop/station associated with the mobile phone ticket (Handyticket)
Please help us improve this app by sending suggestions and comments to info@VBB.de.
- 主页:路线计划和手机门票可立即使用
- 对所有服务有关区域交通,通勤列车,地铁,电车,在整个柏林 - 勃兰登堡网络区域巴士和渡轮连接信息
- 几乎所有的运输公司在柏林和勃兰登堡实时数据
- 在时间:停/站出发时间的可能性来调整显示器
- 连接/路由添加到您的日历或通过短信,电子邮件,Twitter,Facebook和WhatsApp的与朋友分享
- 网络计划:下载一次,他们也可脱机
- 短程车票,单程票,日票,小团体日票为柏林和勃兰登堡的整个网络的区域;在柏林,也为游客提供4程车票和门票(欢迎卡CityTourCard)
- 直接付款或信用卡
- 预付支付无需提供个人信息数据
- 登记客户账户如对于接收处理请求
- 对于偶尔使用的用户和游客,购买信用卡未经登记
- 购买门票使用的“Handyticket - 德国 - 应用”的VBB考虑到在德国境内其他许多地区使用
        - 联系方式:接管地址从自己接触的开始/搜索目的地(例如,通过键入“佩特拉”寻找女友佩特拉)
        - 日历:输入搜索发现到自己的日历约会提醒
        - 跟踪:显示搜索的交通联系,或与手机相关联票登机停止/火车站最近的车站/站(Handyticket)

Bus & Bahn 更新内容

New features (August 2014 release)
- pop-up, which gives an advice that mobile tickets are always valid immediately
- position function for start position when buying a handyticket now available
- new registration website
Bug fixes
- bicycle tickets now available at all devices
- no more crashes when buying a 4-trip-ticket

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交通导航 旅游出行
Android 2.1.x 以上

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