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ZVV Timetable

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ZVV Timetable ZVV Timetable ZVV Timetable ZVV Timetable ZVV Timetable ZVV Timetable

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This Android app provided by the Zurich Transport Authority (ZVV) offers you a useful tool for your journeys within the ZVV network.
New Features:
• To buy tickets you will be redirected to the ZVV ticket app.
Timetable information:
• Door-to-door timetable throughout Switzerland
• Favourites and the „last query“ enable you to quickly insert places and connections
• Queried connections can be accessed later offline
• Integrated real-time information for all trains, buses and trams within the ZVV network as well as for trains throughout Switzerland (local traffic outside ZVV excluded)
• Push notifications about delays, platform changes and traffic information for user-specified connections
• Latest traffic information including a search option
• Tab “Traffic Info” with line-specific overview of all current traffic information and line-specific push notifications
• Function “Barrier Free Access” (more information www.zvv.ch/handicap, in German)
• Easy-to-understand symbols (in green, orange and red) indicate whether or not a planned connection can be maintained
• Alternative connections in case of incidents (red symbol) on the same route
• The option «Query according to current traffic situation» finds connections on alternate routes in case of incidents
• Real-time arrivals and departures for specific stops (e.g. in 3’ or 15:34 +2’)
• Information about disruptions of service (maintenance, constructions, events etc.)
• Possibility to add a customized connection or timetable to the homescreen
Ticket information / purchase:
• The ZVV timetable app provides simplified access to ZVV tickets via the ZVV ticket app. The purchasing process is started within the ZVV timetable app and completed in the ZVV ticket app. To take advantage of this service, the ZVV ticket app must also be installed
• Fast and simple selection within the ZVV timetable app through its topseller list and via the button «Price/Buy» in the journey planner
• Transfer of choice of class (1st or 2nd), reduction (adult or ½) and validity (single ticket or day pass) to the ZVV ticket app
• Choice of number of additional zones for extension tickets
Other features:
• Practical display of route network and fare zone maps
• Favourites function for tickets, destinations and connections («Take me home», «Take me to work», etc.). Favourites will not be deleted after update
• Display of the nearest stops based on the user’s current position
• Search for stops, addresses and points of interest
• Simple display of local area maps and pedestrian routes within the application
• Interface to calendar to save individual connections
• Low-floor service information for trams and buses (timetable data)
• Customize your home screen
Further information
www.zvv.ch/android or contact our customer center ZVV-Contact at 0848 988 988.
For feedback contact us on Twitter @zvv or www.facebook.com/zvvnews
ZVV wishes you a pleasant journey!
You can grant the application access to your calendar, contact and location information. You can change these settings at any time
Data privacy policy:
The ZVV only analyses data regarding connection queries and push notifications. The evalu-ation of this data will be conducted without personal references and for statistical purposes only.
All information is subject to change.
© ZVV 2016
•实时抵港及离港特定站(例如,在3'或15:34 +2')
www.zvv.ch/android或联系我们的客户服务中心ZVV-联系在0848 988 988。
©ZVV 2016年

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To buy tickets you will be redirected to the ZVV ticket app.

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交通导航 旅游出行
3.4.1 (38361)
Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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