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Kellermeister - Wine cellar

Kellermeister - Wine cellar

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Kellermeister - Wine cellar Kellermeister - Wine cellar Kellermeister - Wine cellar Kellermeister - Wine cellar Kellermeister - Wine cellar Kellermeister - Wine cellar

Kellermeister - Wine cellar 描述

Wine Cellar management done easy. This application helps keeping track of all the bottles in your wine cellar. Although, you can use this one for other valuable items in your cellar.
The next updates will focus on improving searching and statistic features. Additionally the data model will be enhanced.
Current version 1.26 contains these features:
- show all storages in one list
- filter storages by vintage, category, country, region, varietal etc.
- show empty storages in separate list
- detail view for every wine including rating and larger image
- favorites
- history for all storages
- show overdue storages
- maintain separate cellars
- Im- and Export for CSV files (e.g. export from "Wine Cellar", "Mein Keller free", "Wine + Listing")
- Import for WinWein-Interchange Format (.WWI)
- full text search for all attributes
- support of barcodes for fast lookup of storages (only local cellar, no external lookup), supports ZXing and QR Droid barcode app
- sorting by almost all attributes
- text and graphical overview
- full import and export using XML/ZIP-archive (local Filesystem, DropBox, Email, BlueTooth) and synchronization (e.g. via DropBox or Astro Filemanager)
- use external storage to avoid duplicate images on your phone
- choose currency per storage
Please sent feedback to developer which is happy to answer.
Or join the forum: https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en&fromgroups#!forum/kellermeister-user-group
- 显示一个列表的所有存储器
- 过滤器存储器由复古,类别,国家,地区,品种等。
- 在单独的列表显示空存储器
- 详细查看每一个葡萄酒,包括等级和放大图像
- 收藏
- 历史上所有的存储器
- 显示逾期存储器
- 保持独立的酒窖
- IM-和导出为CSV文件(如出口从“酒窖”,“我的凯勒自由”,“红酒+上市”)
- 进口为WinWein交换格式(.WWI)
- 全文搜索的所有属性
- 支持条形码的存储区中快速查找(仅适用于本地的酒窖,没有外部的查找)的,支持ZXing和QR Droid的条码应用
- 几乎所有的属性排序
- 文本和图形概述
- 全面导入和导出使用XML / ZIP归档(本地文件系统,升降梭箱,电子邮件,蓝牙)和同步(例如,通过投放箱或天文文件管理器)
- 使用外部存储,以避免您的手机上重复的图像
- 选择每个存储货币

Kellermeister - Wine cellar 更新内容

1.26.3: Maintenance release "Tour de France"
- feature:
o none
- bugfix:
o import for latest DropBox and Google Drive is working again
o app hangs after switching large cellars
- added missing check for required permissions (Android 6.0 only)
- enhancement:
o increased maximum accepted value for alcohol: 30.0 vol.%
o increased maximum accepted value for sugar: 250.0 g/l
- changed:
o none

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Android 4.2 以上
Google Play

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