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Urban Sunshine Maps

Urban Sunshine Maps

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Urban Sunshine Maps Urban Sunshine Maps Urban Sunshine Maps Urban Sunshine Maps Urban Sunshine Maps

Urban Sunshine Maps 描述

Where is the Sun? - Urban Sunshine Maps. Find your sunny city spot.

Urban Sunshine Maps shows currently sunny city spots. The map visualizes shadows right now thrown by inner city buildings.

This is a must app for every urban sun worshiper: Find your sunny city spot! Like a sunny street café.

(1) Map starts at your current location
(2) Calculates today's solar positions
(3) Draws city shadows for selected hour

Works world-wide: In many metropolitan city-centers building details are available. Street level details are available in every city.

Local business search powered by Google Places

Keywords: city, urban, sun, sunlight, solar position, shadow, sunshine, sunset, sunrise time, daylight, rise, set, sundial, moon, live, angle, photography, photo, real estate, cafe, coffee shop, street, restaurant, altitude, azimuth, sun path, sun-trap, sunbath, shadow finder, shade, bright side, sunny, building, city center, maps, down-town, sunlight directions

System requirements:
- High performance device (with ARMv7: e.g. Nexus One/S, Galaxy S, HTC Desire)
- Android 2.2+ (Android 2.3 Gingerbread on lower performance devices)
- Network connection (3G, 4G or WiFi)

(Google Translate:)


(3)城市的阴影绘制选定小时工程世界各地:在许多大城市的城市中心的建设细节都可用。街道上的细节可在每一个城市。本地商业搜索支持谷歌的地方关键词:城市,城市,阳光,阳光,太阳的位置,阴影,阳光,日落,日出时间,日光,抬头,设置,日晷,月亮,住,角度,摄影,照片,房地产,咖啡馆,咖啡厅,街道,餐厅,高度,方位,太阳的路径,太阳陷阱,日光浴,阴影发现者,阴影,光明的一面,阳光明媚,建筑,城市中心,地图,下城,阳光的方向系统要求: - 高性能设备(与 ARMv7体系:如Nexus One的/ S,银河 S,HTC欲望) - 的Andr​​oid 2.2 +(Android的2.3姜饼在低性能的设备) - 网络连接(3G,4G或WiFi)

Urban Sunshine Maps 更新内容


Google Maps connections is broken for the US right now! Sry. I'll fix it asap!

- local search by Google Places (world-wide)

- share current sunshine maps view (send via E-Mail, Facebook,...)

- weather forecast (icon for present day)

- slow network detection and prompt (@Mario: network connection necessary)

- Building details in London, UK

Please email me with any problems or questions you may have. I'm happy to help!

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旅游出行 地图导航
 1.7.8 Quick Fix
Android 2.0.1 以上


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