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smsflatrate.net SMS App

smsflatrate.net SMS App

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smsflatrate.net SMS App smsflatrate.net SMS App smsflatrate.net SMS App smsflatrate.net SMS App smsflatrate.net SMS App smsflatrate.net SMS App

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Send easy cheap sms. Under 2 eurocents. SMS translating, insert GPS position Send SMS quickly and easily with the smsflatrate.net App it is no problem and that extremely cheap. All you need is a free account on www.smsflatrate.net. There you can recharge your balance, send SMS directly from the Website and use many other free apps (browser addon, desktop software) in addition to this app. All with just one account. And this are the functions:- Send SMS with and without sender- Sender can be chosen (number or text)- Worldwide messaging- up to 1000 characters- Address Book, direct sending SMS from the Address Book- Display current balance- Display SMS price of selected SMS-Gateway- Insert GPS Position in SMS- SMS Text translating- Speak 2 Text- Insert Smileys- English, German And so incredibly cheap you can send SMS:Already for under 2 eurocents you can send SMS. Our current prices can be found on our website www.smsflatrate.net. And so you can start SMS sending with our App:You need an account on smsflatrate.net, please register. Go to the user login on the menu item quot;Appkey” an use the following license number: 104979105 to generate your own Appkey. Set this Appkey in your app in the menue quot;Settings quot;- done! Now test smsflatrate.net with the free starting balance immediately. Try our other free apps for your smartphone. More information on our website www.smsflatrate.net.

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Michael Kloppe

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