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A whole new eReading experience with the PagePlace Reader! Now with a considerably enhanced set of functions.From now on, not only use your PagePlace Reader to view previously purchased ePublications, but also use it to open and view your own documents and eBooks in EPUB or PDF format. Just add them to the reader directly from your device or your equipped mail account and you're off!You can access our range of products of over 260.000 eBooks, ePapers and eMagazines at www.pageplace.de/en, some of them as comfortable subscription. The range of content will be extended permanently. All your favorite titles bought there before will be loaded to your PagePlace automatically, for easily managing and reading on your smartphone or tablet. All older eBooks, your complete archive of eMagazine and eNewspaper is still usable within the enhanced PagePlace app, which is free of costs. Comfortable reading, wherever you are, at home or on the way.Also the new tolino shine will be supported, all your uploaded documents might be transferred using the new TelekomCloud menu. You`ll find your own titles within your eDocuments. Also dogears, bookmarks and markers can be synchronized over all devices, employ our PagePlace App to push content up to the cloud.Arrange your eBooks using our interactive bookshelf or swap to the conveniently arranged list view, also you might like our filters for eBooks, eMagazine, eNewspaper and your own imported documents. Add as many bookmarks as you like, helping you to find interesting phrases again. You can highlight text in different colors and add comments in your eBooks (EPUB), the easy-to-use thumbnail view allows quick browsing and helps to find specific passages more easily.After opening, your titles are automatically downloaded and remain available offline. You can, however, delete offline content to free up memory on your device whenever you want. Deleted titles bought before can be reloaded from the TelekomCloud at any time if you change your mind.All you have to do to enable the previously mentioned features is to complete our quick and free registration. By doing so, PagePlace Reader automatically synchronizes all your previously purchased PagePlace eBooks, ePapers and eMagazines with your TelekomCloud. To your advantage, this also enables your content to be simultaneously viewed on up to 5 different devices (i.e. laptop, tablet, smartphone), also at the same time with different operation systems. Given that the synchronization also includes all bookmarks and dog-ears, you can simply pick-up reading from where you left off, whenever, wherever. Keep dozens of eBooks in your local device memory and enjoy your reading on the way even on holidays.By the way, PagePlace's eReader app is also available for many other operating systems.Please note: Android devices with the older chipset (ARMv6) aren´t supported any more, also Motorola Razr series.Please feel free to provide any feedback about your user experience at any time and help us tailor PagePlace Reader to your needs. PagePlace - where reading comes alive.

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Deutsche Telekom AG

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