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We are interested in your reviews and advices. Please send us your feedback on http://mytu.tu-freiberg.de/support/.
myTU helps you to stay connected to the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg from anywhere in the world.
The app offers plenty useful features for your student life:
A personal schedule: create and manage your personal schedule. The app even provides push notifications so you won't miss a course again when something changes! The schedule provides all details a freshman could dream of. These details include time, location, lecturer and even a map to guide you around the campus. But don't forget: since the schedule guides you safely and right on time to your courses, you'll need some new excuses for not doing your homework!
Library: In desperate need of a good book? The app provides direct access to the catalogue of the university library. Search 1000's of books and check their availability with a touch of your finger! If you want to remember this book, bookmark it. Open eBooks directly through the myTU app. Access to your library account may be added in a future version.
Feeds: You'll never miss any news or important events around your university again! myTU provides nice feeds like the official feed from the university, the UNI-Info (mailing list) and even the menu of the canteen (with prices, of course!). A party feed is already on the road.
Push Notifications: myTU sends you a push notification anytime your personal schedule changed or someone wrote a new UNI-Info. You will also be informed of all changes within the menu.
Many of the features support offline mode - e.g. you can read feeds and check the menu without being connected to a wireless LAN or 3G.
Once again: more features are coming soon. Please check our website.

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- bugfixes
- some Layout changes

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Android 2.2.x 以上



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