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Wiatrack Pro (30 days Trial)

Wiatrack Pro (30 days Trial)

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Wiatrack Pro (30 days Trial) Wiatrack Pro (30 days Trial) Wiatrack Pro (30 days Trial) Wiatrack Pro (30 days Trial) Wiatrack Pro (30 days Trial)

Wiatrack Pro (30 days Trial) 描述

This is a free trial version of Wiatrack Pro. Wiatrack Pro is a GPS-tracker for professional use.
Wiatrack Pro offers the following features:
- send and receive text messages through GPRS, i.e. almost for free.
- Wiatrack Pro allows to send to the server several values of status parameter (e.g., "Occupied"/"Vacant"/"Pause"). Parameter's name, type and its possible values are fully customizable.
- send SOS message to the server and as SMS to the number you choose
- send photos to the server
- connected navigation with Google Maps, CityGuide, Yandex.Maps, Shturmann and others
- possiblity to protect starting and stopping by a password
- settings can be protected by password too
- possibility to resend the track, that was not sent in the previous session
- automatically start or stop the tracking service on several events
- the service can be started at boot
- the service can be started and stopped after a special-formed SMS is received
- the service can be started on power connect and stopped on power disconnect
- the service can be started on dock insert and stopped on dock remove
- the configuration can be uploaded from the server
这是一个免费的试用版本的Wiatrack专业。 Wiatrack Pro是一款用于专业用途的GPS跟踪器。
Wiatrack Pro提供了以下功能:
- 发送和接收文字信息通过GPRS,即几乎是免费的。
- Wiatrack临允许发送到服务器的状态参数的值(例如,“占领”/“空置”/“暂停”)。参数的名称,类型和其可能的值是完全可定制的。
- SOS信息发送到服务器,并短信到您选择的数字
- 将照片发送到该服务器
- 导航与谷歌地图,城市指南,Yandex.Maps,Shturmann和其他连接
- 保护的可行启动和停止的密码
- 设置也可以通过密码保护
- 重新发送的轨道,不发送,在上届会议的可能性
- 自动启动或停止的几项活动的跟踪服务
- 该服务可以在系统启动
- 服务可以启动和停止后形成的一个特殊收到短信
- 服务可以开始电源连接,并停止在电源断开
- 服务可以开始在码头插入,并停在码头删除
- 配置可以从服务器上传

Wiatrack Pro (30 days Trial) 更新内容

[+] added location provider setting (GPS, wireless networks or both)
[+] added battery level parameter

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Android 2.0 以上
Google Play

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