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Xpert-Timer Time Tracker Trial

Xpert-Timer Time Tracker Trial

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Xpert-Timer Time Tracker Trial Xpert-Timer Time Tracker Trial Xpert-Timer Time Tracker Trial Xpert-Timer Time Tracker Trial Xpert-Timer Time Tracker Trial

Xpert-Timer Time Tracker Trial 描述

Xpert-Timer is the perfect time tracking tool for projects or tasks, used worldwide by thousands of happy customers.
This is the trial version of Xpert-Timer Mobile. You can create up to 50 timestamps with this version. Please note, that the PDF export, the PDF Export with signature and the call detection are additional modules, that must be purchased separately. If you decide to buy Xpert-Timer, create a data backup and then restore the backup in the full version in order to keep your entered data.
Xpert-Timer Mobile is a standalone application and does not rely on an internet connection. This makes the product perfect for tracking your working hours or time spent on tasks wherever you are.
Your tasks, or projects can be linked to a client. You can add comments to your time stamps and have Xpert-Timer calculate the occured costs by setting an hourly rate for the project. This hourly rate may vary for each project.
Xpert-Timer can also create and scan barcodes/QR-codes. Create a QR-Code in the project settings, stick it on your machine or file and simply start tracking time by scanning it. Perfect, if you need to switch back and forth between projects.
A lot of shortcuts and functions are implemented in Xpert-Timer, so make sure you read the manual to get most out of the product.
Please visit: http://manual.xperttimer.com/mobile
Here are some features of the time tracker:
* Client management
* To-Do list
* Project list
* Automatic timer
* Manual time entries possible
* Price per project
* Comment on every timestamp
* Check-in / check-out report
* Multiple timerange reports
* Im/Export to HTML and CSV. Share the reports, e.g. on dropbox
* Export to PDF (additional charge)
* Have your clients sign the PDF report directly on your devices screen. (additional charge)
• Take photos and upload them to a project into the Xpert-Timer Pro database (additional charge)
• Phone call detection can start/stop projects automatically when client calls or is called (additional charge)
* Synchronization with server database of Xpert-Timer Pro/Windows (additional charge for Windows software)
* E-Mail reports or share them through e.g. dropbox
* GPS on timestamps
* Backup option
* NFC-Scanner for NFC-Tags
Xpert-Timer is available in english and german.
For further details please visit the product website at:
[time tracking]
* IM /导出为HTML和CSV。分享报告,例如对Dropbox的
*让你的客户你的设备屏幕上直接签署PDF报告。 (额外收费)
*同步用的Xpert-定时器的Pro / Windows服务器上的数据库(额外收费for Windows软件)
* NFC-扫描仪的NFC-标签

Xpert-Timer Time Tracker Trial 更新内容

- New: Single colored icon for notification bar.

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Xpert-Timer Time Tracker Trial 使用技巧

Xpert-Timer Time Tracker Trial 信息

生活休闲 小工具
Android 4.0.2 以上

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