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D.O.T. Beta (Insulin Calc)下载

D.O.T. Beta (Insulin Calc)

D.O.T. Beta (Insulin Calc)

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D.O.T. Beta (Insulin Calc) D.O.T. Beta (Insulin Calc)

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Diabetes On Track (Insulin Calc) can calculate how much insulin you need!

This app is for diabetics that count carbs. If you count carbs you should check out this app!

I made this app for my girl friend who is a diabetic, I know some times it is so confusing when calculating how much insulin you need. That is why I made this app.

All you have to do is fill in the algorithm and then just type in what your blood sugar is and how many carbs your eating and it will calculate how much insulin you should take! :)

But it also can save what you are eating and when, then you can hit save and it will save it. When you hit HIST (history) you can see all the times you ate and what your blood sugar was, how many carbs, how much insulin, what you ate and when.

This is the first release, I shall be updating it with more features :)

WARNING: Please test this app out before using it. I am not responsible for you giving the wrong amount of insulin. Also, if there are any bugs please let me know ASAP. Thank You.

And I hope you enjoy it,

-Josh Angelsberg

Q: How do I reset the time to now?
A: Long press the "AM/PM" button to reset the time to NOW.

Change Log:
-Fixed a critical error in the order of the history (it should always be in order (of the time you set), if not email me!)
-Added the ability to not go out of range on the day,hours, and minutes.

-Initial Release for Android (it is version 1.1 so the blackberry and android version will be the same.)

D.O.T. Beta (Insulin Calc) 更新内容



-Improved entering the values for the day and the the mins.

-Remember you can LONG press the "AM/PM" button to reset the time to current time!

-Based on the initial time, when your eating will be changed respectively (ex: 9 am = breakfast)

-You now can not save if there are missing values for the time (ex: day, year, hours, and mins)

Remember: this is still in beta, so there might be bugs, but the calculating of the insulin should be top notch! :)

D.O.T. Beta (Insulin Calc) 历史版本

D.O.T. Beta (Insulin Calc) 信息

休闲益智 休闲
Android 1.6.0 以上

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