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VirtuaGym Cardio GPS

VirtuaGym Cardio GPS

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VirtuaGym Cardio GPS VirtuaGym Cardio GPS VirtuaGym Cardio GPS VirtuaGym Cardio GPS VirtuaGym Cardio GPS VirtuaGym Cardio GPS

VirtuaGym Cardio GPS 描述

An easy-to-use cardio (GPS) tracker which works with VirtuaGym.com (optional). VirtuaGym Cardio is an easy-to-use (GPS) tracker, to track all your cardio activities, like cycling, running, spinning, cross training, etc. It is fully integrated with your free online VirtuaGym profile (optional), which offers weight tracking, goal setting, Fitness Points, badges and much more on VirtuaGym.com. Use VirtuaGym Cardio together with our other VirtuaGym app for strength training and activity logging and you have all you need to get in great shape. Both apps are free! VirtuaGym Cardio features:• Track time, distance, speed and calories burned• Track GPS route on map• Syncs with your online VirtuaGym profile• Integrates with our other App with workout log• Earn Fitness Points and Badges• Works with online calorie goals and nutrition plan It's similar to cardio trainer apps such as Runkeeper, Endomondo and Runtastic, but what makes VirtuaGym Cardio unique is that it synchronizes with your free VirtuaGym.com account and our other app for strength workouts. When you register you will get access to 500+ exercises, 100+ workouts, 150+ badges to earn and our app for strength workouts. Find workouts online, add them and synchronize with your app to workout at home or in the gym. Check www.virtuagym.com, online fitness & lifestyle platform for many extra tools, like a personal profile, free nutrition plan, goal setting and much more. Like our app? Please rate 5 stars, so we can keep improving it. Thanks!Have errors? Please let us know at apps@virtuagym.com and we'll fix it asap. Giving a 1-star rating is not going to help us much, since we then won't have a clue what's wrong. Thank you for using VirtuaGym, we hope you enjoy it!

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Android 2.3.7 以上

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