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The PostNord Denmark app is a central hub for your personal interaction with us. From this app you can reach functions such as:
- Track and trace a parcel via the Tracking app and receive push notifications for shipment updates.
- Sign up for Pakkeboksen, and find Pakkeboks parcel stations near you.
- Sign up for Modtagerflex so your parcel can be delivered even when you are not at home.
- Buy stamps, parcel labels and labels to print online porto
- Find zip codes in Denmark.
- Calculate the cost of sending a letter or parcel.
- Buy parcel labels via "mobil pakkeporto" and print them at home or via Pakkeboksen.
- Find post offices, parcel stations and other postal locations with information about services, opening hours and distance to the nearest postal location.
PostNord is a merger Danish "Post Danmark" and Swedish "Posten". PostNord distributes letters and parcels in all of the Nordic countries. For more information, visit postnord.dk.
- 跟踪,并通过跟踪应用程序跟踪包裹和接收推送通知发货更新。
- 注册Pakkeboksen,并找到在您附近Pakkeboks包裹站。
- 注册Modtagerflex让你的包裹可以递送甚至当你不在家。
- 购买邮票,包裹标签和标签打印网上波尔图
- 查找丹麦邮政编码。
- 计算发送信件或包裹的费用。
- 通过“美孚pakkeporto”购买地块标签在家里或通过Pakkeboksen打印出来。
- 寻找邮局,包裹站和其他地点邮政有关服务的信息,开放时间和距离最近的邮政位置。
PostNord是合并丹麦“丹麦邮政”和瑞典“邮报”。 PostNord在所有北欧国家的分销信件和包裹。欲了解更多信息,请访问postnord.dk。

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We are continuously trying to improve, thanks for all your feedback.
Post Denmark has become blue.
A new navigation system divides the functionality in the app into four parts: Receive, Send, Service Points and More. This will make it easier to find what you are looking for and opens up for new improvements in the future.

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