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SMS 4 Geeks

SMS 4 Geeks

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SMS 4 Geeks SMS 4 Geeks SMS 4 Geeks

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This app will turn your android device into an SMS gateway where you can send and receive SMS'es on your own web page or programming code. You can also make notifications appear.

It is meant to be used by developers so if you are just a normal user this is probably not for you.

Some ideas what this can be used for:

* Make a form where you can write SMS'es from a html page
* Send SMS alerts if your servers discspace runs full
* Send an SMS to your customers reminding them of their appointment with you
* Make a voting app where anyone can vote on something

Login to https://sms4geeks.appspot.com to try it out.

Please note:

* This app will actually send SMS'es from your device so it may cost you money
* Be nice. Do not spam you customers if they have not subscribed for SMS'es
* Keep your login and password secret. Always send over https
* The app requires a working internet connection
* Incoming SMS'es that maches your keyword will be skipped from the inbox
* We are in beta mode and things may change

Keywords: SMS, gateway, notification, notifications, alert, alerts, developer, programming, HTML

SMS 4 Geeks 更新内容


version 1.6:

* allow tablets with SMS but without phone to run this app

version 1.5:

* added log system so you can see what has been sent

version 1.4:

* added vibration option for notifications

* added popup option for notifications

* bugfixes

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Theis Borg

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