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Log Pon! Log Pon! Log Pon! Log Pon! Log Pon! Log Pon!

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Let's make the life log.
This application program is a tool for the user to make the life log easily.
・Good morning. → Getting up log making
・The pet announced a wonderful technique. → The photograph is taken and the log is made.
・Invitation call of play. → Let's take notes to the log generated automatically.
・Action record making to "Good evening" during a day.
The above-mentioned reason exists, and my record can be made and be edited easily, and in detail.
- The main function
・Life log function for creation matched to your behavior.
・The photograph can be taken, and it append it to the life log.
・The memo can be given to the life log that the LIFELOG application program generates automatically.
・As for the life log that LIFELOG generates, a selection setting that is 40 kinds or more more detailed can be done.
・Location information giving for GPS and the circumference function.
- Additional schedule function
・External export function of life log
- Test Tarminal
HT-03A / HTC Desire HD
- Version explanation
00.05.00: Release first time
00.06.00: add Location Info
- Key word
LifeLog, Logger, and logger and image, Location ,GPS , network , Address

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此版本中的新功能:- Bug fix.

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Android 1.6 以上

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