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Down in Front [Beta]

Down in Front [Beta]

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Down in Front [Beta] Down in Front [Beta] Down in Front [Beta] Down in Front [Beta]

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Commentary. Discussion. Dissection.
The streaming app for the popular podcast Down in Front, hailed by leading commentary authority Zarban.com as "a blend of industry background, quirky analysis, and nerd genius. [...] The gold standard for alternative movie commentaries."
Browse through over a hundred full-length commentaries for popular films, from recent releases to cinema classics, and enjoy what can only be described as "friends in your head," discovering the gears and cogs of a film and testing to see that they're all in working order. Far from a review show, Down in Front is a dissection; celebrating "perfect" films that manage to live up to their every internal promise, and exhaustively searching for "fixes" when they don't.
With a panel comprised of industry professionals ranging from visual effects artists to screenwriters, puppeteers to film theorists, each episode is recorded and released in high-quality audio and enjoyable as a commentary synced up to the movie of the week, or as a stand-alone podcast. With over two hundred hours of conversation, it's impossible to come out of the far side of Down in Front without cracking up, and without a finely-tuned sense of how a movie is supposed to work.
Plus, we explain "The Fountain." It's kind of worth it just for that.

Down in Front [Beta] 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:* The application should no longer throw an error when completing a commentary.

* Fixed a few bugs relating to the seeking function. Hopefully Google fixes the seeking bug that has been around since version 2 to make this function unnecessary.

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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