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Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 App

Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 App

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Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 App Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 App Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 App Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 App Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 App Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 App

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Make your Galaxy S3 even more awesome! Get the latest Galaxy S3 updates, apps, tips and more. Drippler helps you make the most of your Samsung Galaxy S3, making sure you never miss out on the latest updates, rumors and news. Download this app to stay one step ahead and get the latest Samsung Galaxy S3 help, Galaxy S3 updates, Galaxy S3 tips, Galaxy S3 apps, Galaxy S3 wallpapers and Galaxy S3 games!
★ Features
✓ Latest Android news and updates - stay up-to-date 
✓ Highlights - browse the most popular updates and apps for Galaxy S3
✓ Notifications - never miss a Galaxy S3 update or hot apps for your SGS3
♥ Media Coverage
"Drippler just became a new must install app" - GigaOm
"A must-have for Android owners" - TheNextWeb
"Drippler offers news on Android updates and useful apps" - The New York Times
"This is a big deal... people don't know all this!" - TechCrunch
"Drippler starts being helpful the moment it's installed" - CRN
♥ User Reviews
"All the best Galaxy S3 updates, news and apps tailored for my Samsung Galaxy siii”
"My one stop for my phone updates, news and apps for Samsung galaxy s iii"
"Amazing galaxy s3 app! I Check every day to see what new stuff I can have or use with my phone - everything from samsung galaxy s3 themes to samsung galaxy s3 games and samsung galaxy s3 wallpapers."
"Threw away my Samsung galaxy s3 user guide! This app is a real time Samsung Galaxy S3 manual with everything you need to know about how to use galaxy s3!"
★ Content
After installing Drippler, you'll get the latest:
✓ Galaxy S3 updates
✓ Galaxy S3 tips and tricks
✓ Galaxy S3 apps
✓ Galaxy S3 games
✓ Galaxy S3 ROMs
✓ Galaxy S3 themes
✓ Galaxy S3 wallpapers
✓ Galaxy S3 help
✓ Galaxy S3 secrets
✓ and more!
★ We LOVE connecting with our users, please reach out!
✓ Email - appfeedback@drippler.com
✓ Facebook - http://facebook.com/drippler
✓ Twitter - http://twitter.com/drippler
✓ Web - http://drippler.com
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Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S3 App 更新内容

* Improved landscape support
* D-pad support
* bug fixes
* Bug fixes
* No confirmation on exit
* Bug fixes
* Featured apps tab
* Bug fixes
* Notification bug fix
* Navigation buttons in drips
* Bug fixes
* Show/hide game drips (under settings menu)
* Quick download button for app and game drips
* Facebook sharing button bug fix
* Bug fixes
* Bug fixes


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Android 2.1.x 以上

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