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Marine Debris Tracker

Marine Debris Tracker

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Marine Debris Tracker Marine Debris Tracker Marine Debris Tracker Marine Debris Tracker Marine Debris Tracker Marine Debris Tracker Marine Debris Tracker Marine Debris Tracker

Marine Debris Tracker 描述

The Marine Debris Tracker mobile application and tool that allows you to help make a difference by telling us when you find trash on our coastlines and waterways. You can easily track and log marine debris items from a list of common debris items found on the beach or in the water. The app is a tool for any citizen, citizen scientists, and scientists. Data is kept and analyzed by the University of Georgia. The app records the debris location through GPS and you can view the data on your phone and submit to the Marine Debris Tracker Website for viewing and download later (requires registration, which you can do from the app). Your username is shown on the website for only the most recent 5 items tracked, but GPS coordinates are not shown. All downloadable and mapped data with GPS coordinates is shown anonymously to the public. You can also share your tracking data though a story on social media. More information is available on the website under "How do I Start Tracking?". Marine Debris Tracker is a joint effort of the NOAA Marine Debris Program and the Southeast Atlantic Marine Debris Initiative (SEA-MDI) out of the University of Georgia College of Engineering. See our website for more information http://www.marinedebris.engr.uga.edu/

Marine Debris Tracker 更新内容

Major update (Do not try to use version 3.0). You can now queue submissions when offline, helping you to separate days or events easily. You can also upload photos per item now, although this will use a lot of data, so use only on WiFi. You can also elect to track your path while logging. This will function in the background, so be careful, as this will use battery quickly. Finally, lots of bug fixes and minor feature additions.

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Android 4.0.2 以上

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