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Hangman 3D Lite - Gallows下载

Hangman 3D Lite - Gallows

Hangman 3D Lite - Gallows

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Hangman 3D Lite - Gallows 截图

Hangman 3D Lite - Gallows Hangman 3D Lite - Gallows Hangman 3D Lite - Gallows Hangman 3D Lite - Gallows Hangman 3D Lite - Gallows

Hangman 3D Lite - Gallows 描述

We boosted up this classic game for you and offer many great features: ▪ 3D-like effect with animated hangman and foreground ▪ Extra brilliant HD resolution for Tablets ▪ Unlock new hangmen and gallows in multiple levels (combination of up to 25 themes) ▪ Currently 9 categories with up to 40 words each per language (280 words per language, limited in lite version) ▪ Use up to 5 hints to lower difficulty if you need to ▪ Multilingual: English and German in one app ▪ Local 2-player-mode: Think up a word and pass your phone to a friend ▪ Comprehensive game statistics with a variaty of functions ▪ Google Cloud Save: Save your scores online and synchronize all of your devices. Keep your scores when upgrading to the Pro version ▪ Facebook integration: Share your achievements with your friends ▪ Highscore function for free ▪ Send-a-word function: Send us your favorite words and we will put the best ones into a separate user category! Upgrade to Hangman 3D Pro now! To improve the quality of our app we collect anonymous user statistics. 我们提高了这款经典的游戏,为您和提供了许多强大的功能: ▪与动画刽子手和前景3D般的效果 ▪额外的辉煌高清分辨率的片 ▪解锁新刽子手和木架在多个级别(高达25的主题的组合) ▪目前有9个类别,有多达40个字,每个每种语言(280字每种语言,在有限的精简版版) ▪最多可使用5提示,以较低的困难,如果你需要 ▪多语言:英语和德语在一个应用程序 ▪本地2播放模式:想起来了一个字,您的手机传递给朋友 随着功能的variaty▪全面的游戏统计 ▪谷歌云端保存:保存你的分数线上,并同步所有设备。保持你的分数升级到专业版时, ▪Facebook的整合:与你的朋友分享你的成就 ▪排行榜功能免费 ▪发送一个单词功能:发送您最喜欢的话,我们将会把最好的到一个单独的用户类别! 升级到3D刽子手临吧! 为了提高我们的应用程序的质量,我们收集匿名用户数据。

Hangman 3D Lite - Gallows 历史版本

Hangman 3D Lite - Gallows 信息

Android 2.2.x 以上
ViBe Appz

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