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Medical Abbreviations DE Medical Abbreviations DE Medical Abbreviations DE Medical Abbreviations DE

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With this simple, powerfull and free app you can reveal meanings of thousands of medical abbreviations in German language.
It contains directory of about 2,5k most common used medical terms: abbreviations, acronyms and symbols extended by external sources with tons of medical terminology.
Glossary is searchable through powerfull voice enabled search engine with word prediction and smart option that let you narrow search result to abbreviations only.
Full support for system search engine - you can search in our app directly from homescreen Google search widget.
App will help you to understand mystery looking abbreviations from medical records, prescriptions or expert advices.
Most of terms have solid explanation on Wikipedia - app will let you study them on your wish. If your search didn't return any match in internal database app can use best external source which have defined - mainly online databases from World Health Organization.
This app is for everyone, not only medical staff and students, because we all need sometimes medical help and want to find out more. This is totally free app so give it a try and install it today.
For your convenience app is localized for English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish and Italian. Additional languages coming soon.
Curious why app want access to phone call status ? It's used by advertising engine. Now You can block advertising and get rid of banners saving more screen space for an app and getting some pace of mind about curious app permissions.
This app is available on another platforms - check out our webpage: m.ipix.eu for more info. You can find there more not only medical related apps.
它包含了大约2,5 K表最常用的医学术语目录:缩写,缩写和用吨医疗术语的外部资源扩展符号。
系统搜索引擎全面支持 - 您可以在我们的应用程序直接从主屏幕谷歌搜索插件搜索。
大多数条款都对维基百科的解释固体 - 应用程序将让你学习他们对你的愿望。如果搜索没有返回在内部数据库应用程序的任何比赛可以使用已定义的最佳外部源 - 来自世界卫生组织的主要在线数据库。
这个程序是可以在另一个平台上 - 看看我们的网页:m.ipix.eu的详细信息。你可以找到更多有不仅医疗相关的应用程序。

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