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FastWayp FastWayp FastWayp

FastWayp 描述

FastWayp is a prototype application for a university final year project.

FastWayp is designed to route the user position to a desired street or place, using OpenStreetMap as the source of maps and MapQuest as the source of routes.

With FastWayp the user can navigate through the world map – with zoom in and zoom out functions the user can see entire countries to small roads of a town. FastWayp also includes a compass and a scale bar that measures the size of the zoomed area.

NOTE: In order to get the map and routes the device needs Internet connection.

This application is still on BETA and it is expected to get further updates.

TESTED ON: Android Wildfire (2.2 Android)

IMPORTANT: It is very appreciated to get constructive feedback from you. Please give it a review and tell us:

- What version of Android and device you are using

- Any comments about the application – good and/or bad

- What would you change

- Future implementations that you would like to see

Any comments please contact us on: 08040370@glam.ac.uk


Complete this survey to help the evaluation part of this project. Again, feedback is very appreciated as it will help future development of this application

This is a BETA application and not a fully professional application - it may be susceptible to errors. Glamorgan University and the developer are not responsible for any damages that may occur, and by downloading this application above you agree to this acknowledgment.

FastWayp 更新内容


1.0 - User Interface

1.1 - Map Activity

1.2 - Getting addresses

1.3 - Routing

1.4 - Saved Places

1.4.1 - Route Saved Places

1.5 - Code and GUI improvments

1.5.1 - Code reduction; Faster GUI and routing

1.5.2 - GUI supporting for 1.5 and above

1.5.3 - Supports Android 1.5

1.6 - Options

1.6.1 - About

1.6.2 - Route Color

1.6.3 - Units Distance

1.6.4 - Application language

1.7 - Software Testing on Emulator (on 1.5, 1.6, 2.2 and 2.3)

FastWayp 历史版本

FastWayp 信息

休闲益智 休闲
 BETA 1.7
Android 1.5.0 以上



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