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K-POP Hit Songs

K-POP Hit Songs

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K-POP Hit Songs K-POP Hit Songs K-POP Hit Songs K-POP Hit Songs K-POP Hit Songs K-POP Hit Songs

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The best application to enjoy a gigantic collection of Korean Pop's greatest hits by years! K-POP application released!

1. A huge collection of Korean traditional songs and K-POPs songs from 1936 to 2012, organized by years. You can choose any song from about 8,000 collection and you can enjoy the video and music from the Youtube by one touch. We can enjoy K-POP with this music and spread K-POP wave further around the world.

2. About this application


You can touch on the LP records from the screen, swipe up or down to choose years. From the TOP 100 screen, you can touch on the title of the song that you want to listen to, then it will automatically take you to the YOUTUBE to watch the M/V. When a M/V is watched once, it will automatically moved up on the chart to the top, so that you can make 'Your Own K-Pop Chart(My K-Pop playlist).


From KPOP Hit Songs screen, you can swipe your finger to the right or left to move to 2012 hit Songs Screen. 2012 hit Songs Menu provide you with this years TOP 100 KPOP hit songs, updated every month. You can always stay updated with the newest hits and music videos.


On the song list of KPOP Hit Songs menu, you can touch on the ☆o have the current artist of the song to My Artists. When you touch on artist's name, the application will automatically find all discography and songs of the artist that you have chosen. You can save all your favorite artists in 'My Artists' and enjoy all of the great songs performed by your favorite artist. To delete, just touch on EDIT, and delete the artist you don't want saved anymore.


On the K-POP hit song screen, you can touch the '☆ on the right side of the screen to save it to 'My Music', so that you can listen to it later on your favor. If you want to delete, it can be easily deleted by touching EDIT button. My music can have your favorite list of any songs without having it sorted by artist or genre.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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