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ZzzTimer 截图

ZzzTimer ZzzTimer ZzzTimer ZzzTimer

ZzzTimer 描述

This application is a sleep timer.

▼ Business Use

You can record audio input from the microphone. This is useful for recording conversations and meetings.

For example, when the agenda has changed, by tagging the data recording, you can play quickly.

The recording format, you can select the PCM and OGG. OGG format that can compress audio data to be recorded will be a long time.

During the execution of the timer, so that recording, you do not have to worry about to stop recording.

▼ for entertainment
Start the timer when you start such as Internet radio, is specified, the specified time is reached, you can terminate the app.
But will be turned off automatically when no operation is performed, such as screens and WIFI, ZzzTimer running timer, you can set not turn off the screen and WIFI

You can use the Wake On Lan function of the timer is running, to launch the NAS server and the PC.
When you use the Wake On Lan, you can power on the NAS server is set to ON and PC.
It is good practice to use the DLNA, turn ON the power only to view the slide show of music and photos.

Or use the Internet or to sleep while listening to radio, music, photo frame to view a certain period of time, is a useful app.

■ function
○ The timer is running, you can play your favorite music.
You can Scrobbiling to Last.FM, the music is playing.
○ The timer is running, you can record a voice input from the microphone.
○ The timer is running, you can control the On / Off of the screen.
○ The timer is running, you can control the On / Off of Wifi.
○ The timer is running, you can continue to send the magic packet Wake On Lan.
○ After time is up, you can mute the volume of the audio.
○ You can at the start of the timer, to launch the application that you have registered.
○ After time is up, you can specify to terminate the application.
More that Android2.2, service will terminate app can not be.
○ You can after time up, to do such as "reboot", or "shut down" the WIndows PC that you specify.
Stand By
Log off
Lock Computer
Screen OFF
Arbitrary command execution
* To perform the above operation, you will need to install a Windows application separately.

ZzzTimer 更新内容


In voice recorder, add the ability to set the microphone volume.

Fixed a bug with multiple

ZzzTimer 历史版本

ZzzTimer 使用技巧

ZzzTimer 信息

生活休闲 小工具
Android 1.6.0 以上



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