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Victoria Caffè was formed in 2007 by Clément Chastagnol (keyboards), Nicolas Courtiade (bass) and Léo Goizet (drums & percussion). Soon joined by Mark Heneghan (guitar), Lorenzo Vayno (guitar & vocals) and Nicolas Catanese (vocals), the band is originally from Lyon, France.
What started as students teaming up to enter a local battle of the bands competition – where they came close second after only one month of existence – soon became much more than that. They were committed to take this project to the next level, writing and playing as much as possible over the next few months with one goal in mind: record their first EP by the end of the year. Having influences ranging from progressive rock to jazz, but also soul to indie rock, the result came out with “Contre Courant”, released in 2007. Critically acclaimed by their fans and supporters, the three songs reflected progressive rock arrangements and oriental influences. Rich and powerful, it was a solid basis to build on further.
Over the following months, the members went on to travel and to expand their horizons - both musically and personally - , keeping the Victoria Caffè in mind to share their inspiration and refine the sound of the band, leading to new musical directions being taken. Calling in producer / arranger Xavier Dorémus to record the second EP, “Busy Days” (2010), was decisive in capturing those efforts. Having been closely associated with the Victoria Caffè from the start, Xavier knew well what to expect from each individual and how to take it further. Most importantly, he crafted the material to fit into a coherent ensemble which was the sound the band had been looking for: a subtle combination of sensual melodies and upbeat rhythms, where pop-rock meets soul.
The release of Busy Days marked a turning point for the Victoria Caffè. Reaching out to new audiences and seizing opportunities have become priorities for the band, which has been invited by the online music platform Jamendo to play at the MIDEM 2012 in Cannes - just in time to present their latest EP, “Game of Fools”, released in January this year. With Xavier Dorémus on board once again, the album entirely reflects the energy each member has put into the performances.
Victoria Caffè plays with the same passion on stage, taking nothing for granted and enjoying the moment, sharing their music anywhere they can.

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