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Droid Talker - Free Droid Talker - Free Droid Talker - Free Droid Talker - Free

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Droid Talker really works. It couldn't be simpler--just put some text in the box and hit "Speak." A robotic voice (kind of like the main character in the movie "Wall-E") reads it off to you. One nice feature--on Android devices that support it--is the ability to copy text from one application (such as e-mail) and paste it into the Droid Talker text box. Of course, you can always type your text in as well. Another feature is the capability to upload text files from your SD card and have Droid Talker read them. If you have multiple screens of text, use the Read menu item for automatic paging through the entire file. You'll enjoy playing with this app and it's very useful in places where you can't read the screen (such as in the car). Note: This app will only work if you already have the Text-to-Speech feature on your device. - Uses the Android Text-to-Speech Engine for better voice quality - Offers adjustable volume - Features ability to upload files from SD card (and to copy-paste text if device supports it)
Droid健谈的真正起作用。它不可能是简单 - 只是把一些文字在框中打“说吧。”机器人的声音(有点像电影“WALL-E”中的主角)读取。一个不错的功能 - 在Android设备上支持它 - 是能够从一个应用程序(如电子邮件),复制文本,并将其粘贴到Droid健谈的文本框中。当然,你可以随时键入您的文字以及。另一个特点是上传文本文件从你的SD卡和Droid的健谈读他们的能力。如果你有多个屏幕上的文字,使用整个文件读菜单项实现自动分页。你会喜欢玩这个程序,这是非常有用的地方,你不能阅读屏幕上的(如在车上)。注:此应用程序将只工作,如果你已经有了您的设备上的文本到语音转换功能。 - 使用Android文字到语音引擎,更好的话音质量 - 提供可调音量 - 从SD卡上传文件(复制粘贴文本,如果设备支持它的能力)

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Minor bug tweaks

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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