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A Power Hour is a popular drinking game in which participants take roughly a shot of beer every minute for an hour. Music plays in the background and the track changes every minute to alert the participants to take their drink. For those who wish to play such a game with no winners, PowerHour Pro helps out by providing the music using your mobile device. PowerHour Pro can get you started right away by mixing up all the songs on your device, or you can tinker with settings and playlists to make your Power Hour just right! Most importantly, PowerHour Pro runs in the background so you can browse the web and message your friends while the music plays.
* Mix up all your songs or use your existing playlists from your music app
* Auto-pause for phone calls
* Runs in background
* Android notifications allow a quick glimpse of what song is playing and easy access to app
* Skip unwanted songs without skipping shots
* Tailor playlist while playing with Edit Playlist screen
* Set an offset to skip song intros (e.g. start playing songs at 30% completion mark)
* Optional random offset for each song
* Adjust power hour duration. Power half-hour? Century?

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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