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Krakow Audio Travel Guide
Discover the city's oldest Gothic landmarks in Europe's best preserved medieval cities. Whether you are eager to meander down to the oldest part of Krakow University, loose yourself in the winding streets the Jewish quarter, or if you are fond of Gothic and Baroque architecture and want to visit the magnificent St Catherine's and Pauline Churches our tailor-made tours guide you through the city. Forget about lengthy text based content, and pay attention to the site itself while listening to the narrated information.
Got tired of sightseeing? Once you have soaked up the atmosphere sit in one of the many outside tables of Krakow's bars or browse the market for jewelry and all manner of crafts. Switch to the browsing mode to get first hand tips to the best restaurants and bars around.
PocketGuide is the world’s leading audio city guide application that guides you through the city by voice, introducing the best stories, insider hangouts and must-see sights in the world’s major cities and tourist destinations. All the tours are developed by local experts who know their cities inside out. You can either choose from different themed tours, or just wander around the city and let PocketGuide inform you when an interesting site is nearby. During the trip it can record your activities and with one click you can create an amazing 3D video of all your experiences.
* In the app you have free access to the offline map as well as the GPS tracking and sharing (3D video) features. You can browse through the tours and try any of them for free online. You only pay to download your tour for offline use to avoid high roaming charges.
Why PocketGuide?
• TOURS OFFERED BY LOCAL EXPERTS - Browse more than 400 tours guided by people who make sure you see the most exciting places.
• AUDIO GUIDED TOURS - It will guide you with clear audio cues and once you approach a sight it automatically starts to tell you about it
• SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES - During your tour you can take photos and add comments; from this PocketGuide automatically creates a 3D video which you can easily share with your friends
• FIND GREAT PLACES - If you are tired, let our guides recommend you the best nearby restaurants and cafés
• AVAILABLE OFFLINE - Once you download a city, the whole content works in offline mode so you don’t have to pay roaming charges
• OFFLINE MAP - Get a free offline map and navigate in the city easily while avoiding roaming charges.
Enjoyed the tours? Keep on traveling? Download PocketGuide's other versions available in other cities of Europe.
Tours of Krakow:
* Kazimierz I The Jewish Quarter (3 hours, 4.5 km) This is a tour of the old Jewish quarter used as a ghetto in World War II.
* Kazimierz II The Christian Quarter - churches and monasteries (2.5 hours, 3.5 km) A tour of the Christian quarter of this town district established by King Casimir the Great.
* The Wawel, Castle of Polish kings (1.5 hours, 2 km) A former residence of Polish kings the Wawel also features a cathedral and several important museums.
* Walking Down the Royal Way: From Florian Gate to the Wawel (1.5 hours, 2.5 km) A cross-section of Old Town – in as little as one and a half hours.
* Wandering Around the Old Town: the Southern Route (0.5 hours, 1.5 km) Another one and half an hour walk, discovering the hidden treasures of the southern Old Town.
* Follies of Socialist Realism: Nowa Huta, Borders New and Old. Wanda Hill and Fort Mogiła (3 hours, 4.5 km) Nowa Huta used to be a stronghold of Socialist development built in the 1950s outside of the centre of Krakow. Today it is part of city history.
* Wandering Around the Old Town: the Northern Route (1.5 hours, 2.5 km) A stroll of about one and half an hours in the northern area of Old Town.
•图尔,当地的专家提供的 - 确保你看到的最令人兴奋的地方的人的指导下浏览超过400旅游。
•AUDIO导游 - 这将引导您清晰的声音提示,当你接近的景象,它会自动开始告诉你吧
•分享你的经验 - 您可以在您的旅游照片和添加注释;从这个PocketGuide自动创建了一个三维的视频,你可以很容易地与你的朋友分享
•寻找伟大的地方 - 如果你累了,让我们的导游为你推荐附近最好的餐馆和咖啡馆
•可脱机使用 - 一旦你下载了一个城市,在离线模式下工作的全部内容,所以你不必支付漫游费用
•OFFLINE地图 - 获得免费的离线地图和导航很容易在城市,同时避免漫游费。
*卡齐米日第二季 - 基督教教堂和修道院(2.5小时,3.5公里)游览的基督教季度城区成立由国王卡西米尔大。
*走在皇家方式:由弗洛里安门的瓦维尔(1.5小时,2.5公里)的横截面的旧城区 - 在短短的一个半小时。

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- Support us with your feedback on our content by using the freshly developed inapp Tour and POI rating functions.
- More convenient user interface
- Several bugs are fixed.

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