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Paris Audio Travel Guide
Would you like to see the scenes of Picasso’s Parisian life, or have a drink in the very same cafe where Hemingway wrote his best novels? Get to know the City of Light. Get lost in the maze of classy shopping arcades, admire the city’s world famous palaces and museums. We take you on an unforgettable journey where you don't have to concentrate on reading about the sights but can relax and listen to the narrated information.
Got tired of sightseeing? Stop for a drink at the birthplace of Impressionism or try the world-famous French cuisine in a bistro or brasserie.
PocketGuide, the world’s leading audio city guide application, gives you tours by voice, revealing the best stories, insider hangouts and must-see sights in close to 100 major cities and tourist destinations. The app determines your location and a recording of your personal tour guide describes where you are – you don’t need to touch your phone or read from the screen. All the tours are developed by local experts who know their cities inside-and-out. You can choose from different themed tours, or just wander around the city and let PocketGuide inform you when an interesting site is nearby. The app can also record your trip: With one click you can create an amazing 3D video of the sights you see on your travels.
You can use the GPS-activated voice tours for free as long as your phone is online, but that means you will have to pay roaming charges. If you pay to download the tours, you can use them offline, and save on the cost of roaming. We charge a small fee for downloading the offline features because we need to reimburse the tour guides and cover our development costs. Other features you can get for free include a map that works offline and free use of the 3D tour.
Why PocketGuide?
• TOURS OFFERED BY LOCAL EXPERTS - Browse more than 400 tours guided by people who make sure you see the most exciting places.
• AUDIO GUIDED TOURS - It will guide you with clear audio cues and once you approach a sight it automatically starts to tell you about it
• SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES - During your tour you can take photos and add comments; from this PocketGuide automatically creates a 3D video which you can easily share with your friends
• FIND GREAT PLACES - If you are tired, let our guides recommend you the best nearby restaurants and cafés
• AVAILABLE OFFLINE - Once you download a city, the whole content works in offline mode so you don’t have to pay roaming charges
• OFFLINE MAP - Get a free offline map and navigate in the city easily while avoiding roaming charges.
Enjoyed the tours? Keep on traveling? Download PocketGuide's other versions available in other cities of Europe.
PocketGuide,世界领先的音频城市指南应用程序,让你游览通过语音,揭示了近100个主要城市和旅游目的地的最好的故事,内幕去处和必看的景点。该应用程序确定您的位置,并记录您的个人导游介绍你在哪里 - 你不需要触摸你的手机或从屏幕上读取。所有的旅游开发由当地专家,谁知道他们的城市内和出。您可以选择不同的主题之旅,或者只是徘徊在城市及周边,让PocketGuide告知你一个有趣的网站时,就在附近。该应用程序还可以记录你的行程:点击,你可以创建一个令人惊叹的3D视频的景点,你看到在您的旅行。
•旅游当地的专家提供 - 浏览超过400个旅行团,确保你看到最激动人心的地方的人谁指导。
•音频导游 - 这将引导您提供清晰的声音提示,当你接近一见倾心,它会自动开始告诉你
分享您的经验 - 在您的旅游过程中,你可以拍照和添加注释;从这个PocketGuide自动创建3D视频,您可以轻松地与你的朋友分享
•寻找伟大的地方 - 如果你累了,让我们的导游推荐附近最好的餐馆和咖啡馆
•可脱机 - 一旦你下载一个城市,工作在离线模式下的全部内容,所以你不必支付漫游费用
•离线地图 - 获取免费的离线地图,并轻松地在城市导航,同时避免了漫游费。

Paris 更新内容

Application made fully compatible with Android Marshmallow.
Accessing the side menu made easier allowing faster navigation.
The new Sightseeing City Map is introduced! Feel free to discover the main sights in an order you wish with this new set of POIs. Download the package on the City Screen.
Preparing for first use? Check out our brand new Tutorial and learn the app in 5 easy steps.

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