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DoneDeal: Buying & Selling App

DoneDeal: Buying & Selling App

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DoneDeal: Buying & Selling App DoneDeal: Buying & Selling App DoneDeal: Buying & Selling App DoneDeal: Buying & Selling App DoneDeal: Buying & Selling App DoneDeal: Buying & Selling App

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Buying and selling with Irelands largest classifieds marketplace. The DoneDeal app makes it easy to buy and sell your stuff at anytime, anywhere. With over 500,000 people using DoneDeal every day, it's the place you want to be!
If you're searching for a bargain, a new car, furniture, clothes, house or upgrading your phone - it's really easy with Irelands largest classifieds marketplace. Then when you need to sell those items, you can quickly and easily put them up for sale on DoneDeal.
With the DoneDeal app it's easy to:
• Find that perfect item to buy with over 250,000 classified ads.
• It's never been easier to sell your stuff to 1,000s of potential buyers.
• Share those items with your friends and family through Facebook, Twitter and many more so that they can also find a bargain.
• Getting in touch with sellers and buyers is easy with in-app messaging.
• Save your favourite ads so that you can keep track of them and view them later.
• Save your search so it's even easier for you to search for the items you want.
• Plus there's much more...
DoneDeal supports Android 4.1 and above.
Got a suggestion on how we can improve DoneDeal? Then we'd love to hear it. Tell us at feedback@donedeal.ie or facebook.com/DoneDealIreland.
If you're having problems with the app then make sure and let us know so we can fix them. Email support@donedeal.ie and we'll be sure to look into the problem.
Want to be the first to see new app features and improvements before anyone else then make sure to join our Beta Community: donedeal.ie/androidbeta
Download DoneDeal today to start buying and selling with over 500,000 people.
如果你正在寻找一个讨价还价,一个新的汽车,家具,衣服,房屋或升级您的手机 - 它与爱尔兰最大的分类信息市场真的很容易。然后,当你需要出售的物品,您可以快速,轻松地把他们挂牌出售的DoneDeal。

DoneDeal: Buying & Selling App 更新内容

With the new version of the DoneDeal app, you can now search for multiple makes and models so it's now even easier to compare cars on DoneDeal.
Other than that we've included several small bug fixes and performance improvements to make the app even better to use.

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Android 4.1 以上
Google Play

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