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水果派对 水果派对 水果派对 水果派对 水果派对 水果派对

水果派对 描述

Awesome puzzle game with addictive gameplay and online game scores. Fruited for Android has several new features with fully upgraded graphics & animations.
If you have got bored with similar games or if you want more funnier and entertaining match puzzle game, Fruited is here for you.
Fruited is one of the best android puzzle or casual game supporting all popular mobile phones.
Its gameplay is better than other similar games with lot of creative fun involving monkeys, squirrels & worms.
Fruited has four different game modes as below.
- Fruited Classic : Our popular move timeout based game.
- Fruited TimeAttack : Clear as many fruits in given time.
- Fruited ScorePanic : Get a peak score and defend it.
- Fruited Continuous : Save & Play until you want to stop.
Whats New in Fruited for Android:
- Plain Mode option in settings has been added, which controls the usage of special characters.
- All new 3d Fruits with eye catching animations.
- 9 New background screens.
- Different backgrounds for Classic, Scorepanic & Time Attack modes.
- Cool animations for Monkeys, Squirrels, Worms & Rocks.
- Several other Improvements in Gameplay & Interface.
Fruited is based on the classic match 3 game concept with many creative innovations which adds spice to its game play.
Monkeys and Squirrels helps you whenever you excite them
with a nice combo of fruits adjacent to them, but on the other hand you may not like the worms which spoil your fruits, if you fail to kill them soon.
Why should we play this fantastic swap game well suited for Android Touch interface with mouth watering fruits, instead of gems and jewels? Play fruited and you will see the difference!
Online Scores! Scores of top ten players from all over the world are listed in weekly and Monthly tabs of our online score screen. At any time, you can compete with top ten weekly and monthly scorers and submit your scores after every game.
Game Features:
- Play this fantastic fruit swapping game, well suited for Android Touch screen with mouth watering fruits. Play it to believe, fruits adds life to the game!
- Online game score update and listing of top ten weekly and monthly scores from all over the world. Competing with players from all over the world motivates you to spend your free time with fruited.
- Animated monkeys are mischievous, but when you form a nice combo of fruits adjacent to them, they will clear all surrounding fruits.
- Animated squirrels clears all fruits in a row or column, if you excite them with a nice combo of fruits adjacent to them
- Worms! Beware of them. Clear them before the moveout counter in each fruit infected with them reaches zero, or else it will spread to your adjacent fruits.
- Unlimited levels! It needs only your skill to crack a new level. Complexity of the game increases progressively from level to level. Could you ever reach Level10 in Classic/ScorePanic game mode? Well, let’s see!!!
    - 结果实经典:我们流行的移动超时的游戏。
    - 结果实TimeAttack:清除尽可能多的水果在给定的时间。
    - 结果实ScorePanic:获取一个峰值得分和捍卫它。
    - 结果实连续:保存和播放,直到你想停止。
    - 在设置普通模式选项已被添加,它控制的特殊字符的使用。
    - 所有新的3D水果醒目的动画。
    - 9新的背景画面。
    - 不同背景的经典,Scorepanic和时间攻击模式。
    - 酷动画的猴子,松鼠,蠕虫和岩石。
    - 在游戏界面及其他一些改进。
    - 玩这个梦幻般的水果交换游戏,非常适合Android的触摸屏,令人垂涎欲滴的水果。发挥它相信,水果增加生命的游戏!
    - 网络游戏得分和更新来自世界各地的十大每周和每月的得分上市。与来自世界各地的玩家竞争促使你花你的空闲时间与结实的。
    - 动画猴子调皮,但是当你形成与之相邻的水果一个不错的组合,他们将清除所有周围的水果。
    - 动画松鼠清除行或列中的所有水果,如果你激发他们靠近他们的水果一个不错的组合
    - 蠕虫!提防他们。在感染了他们每个水果的时差柜台前清除它们达到零,否则它会蔓延到相邻的水果。
    - 无限的水平!它只需要你的技能来破解一个新的水平。游戏的复杂性逐步增加从水平到水平。你所能达到Level10在经典/ ScorePanic游戏模式?好吧,让我们来看看!

水果派对 更新内容

- Improved graphics and compatibility with latest devices.
- Few other improvements & bug fixes are done.

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Android 2.3.3 以上
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