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BestBus Route Finder Mumbai下载

BestBus Route Finder Mumbai

BestBus Route Finder Mumbai

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BestBus Route Finder Mumbai BestBus Route Finder Mumbai BestBus Route Finder Mumbai BestBus Route Finder Mumbai

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smartshehar.com BestBus 2 Route Finder (Mumbai/Bombay route finder)by Smart Shehar, without GPRS, is the new avatar of the BestBus Route Finder (Mumbai) app (by Chetan Temkar).

Now Mumbai Local Trains for trains too!

Complete BEST info and works OFFLINE.

Can sense where you are in Mumbai showing landmarks as you move around. So helpful to visitors as well as natives.

The only software for finding Bus Routes in Mumbai (Bombay) that uses location information.

Now it even shows you routes via Mumbai trains (Beta)

BestBus 2 helps you navigate the public BEST bus system for Mumbai (Bombay).

This software helps you find buses not only from where you are but also near you and ending near your destination.

When your journey begins, it allows you to watch your progress and advises you as the destination nears.

It also allows you to see all this information on a map.

All the features except for the map, work without an Internet connection.

If your phone is GPS enabled, the application will use it for locating you, else it can find your position based on cell towers.

At present we have covered around 2,000 of the 2,500 bus stop locations in Mumbai.

You can help us with the stops in your location by emailing us at mesntransport@gmail.com with the stop name, gps lat and long and the bus numbers on the spot.

Maps require an internet connection when they are not in cache.

Check out our other apps, SmartShehar Mumbai Auto Taxi Meter & Card and SmartShehar Mumbai Local Trains.

BestBus Route Finder Mumbai 更新内容


Complete revamp of the interface.

Addition of connection to local trains (Beta)

Additional features and a much more powerful Find tab which requires less typing than before.

Data used is from Jan 11, consistent with the BEST site. New data will be added in the near future.

Some of the lat, lon points may not be accurate and we have an ongoing effort to correct these errors

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Android 1.6.0 以上
smartshehar.com - Chetan Temker

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