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GRE WordPrep Vocab Flashcards

GRE WordPrep Vocab Flashcards

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GRE WordPrep Vocab Flashcards GRE WordPrep Vocab Flashcards GRE WordPrep Vocab Flashcards GRE WordPrep Vocab Flashcards GRE WordPrep Vocab Flashcards GRE WordPrep Vocab Flashcards

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Now with Synonyms, Antonyms, Pronunciation and Sentence Usage Add-On Packs to enrich your learning at discounted price.
Are you an alacritous aspirant wanting to accoutre yourself with the gamut of the Anglican vernacular tongue ? Or did you not understand the last sentence ? If your answer to either of these questions is yes, !Works presents to all you aspirants and wanna-be 'peters' an easy-to-use vocabulary application that beats every other way of preparation.
WordPrep Flashcards, as the name suggests, is an app that comes up with flashcard after flashcard on demand to help people learn faster. Now, you can browse words alphabetically, sequentially, randomly or you can even star the words that you find are important or difficult and revise them on demand. With extremely customizable features, !Works WordPrep Flashcards is all set to be the best way to prepare for your GRE, CAT and other competitive examinations and get better at vocabulary. Close to 5000 words and Ad-Free.
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We at !Works are humid prepossessing men with full sized aortic pumps and so we came out with a "Thesaurus Add-On Pack" that will let you know synonyms and antonyms for words and you can sound smart.
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"Pronunciation Add-On Pack" is the perfect rendezvous point for the English enthusiast and the purist of sound. This pack is for you if you did not read the word in the last line - rahn-duh-voo. It is time for you to sound smarter.
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If your dream is to become an exponent at the toughest of words in the English language and add the hardest to pronounce words, in your repertoire and spend much lesser to do all that - All in One Bundle.
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不属于一个词,一个句子中有什么用?有什么用的知识,当不能使用? “使用添加包上的”给用户带来了极大的例子,将简化语言的方式来了解GRE单词的用法。
“发音添加包上的”英语爱好者和最完美的声音是完美的交会点。这个包是给你的,如果你没看过在最后一行字 - 拉恩咄VOO。这是时间为你听起来更聪明。
如果你的梦想是成为一个指数在最艰难的词在英语语言和最难发音的话,您的剧目,花费少得多做这一切 - 所有在一个捆绑。

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Major Bug Fixes
Starred Words will be retained on App Updates
Options to jump to a card to resume studying
In addition, the app remembers the last word accessed in every letter of the alphabet
Better navigation system across the cards

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