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TripMate Adelaide Lite Transit

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TripMate Adelaide Lite Transit TripMate Adelaide Lite Transit TripMate Adelaide Lite Transit TripMate Adelaide Lite Transit TripMate Adelaide Lite Transit TripMate Adelaide Lite Transit

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Are you commuting on Adelaide public transport? Then TripMate Adelaide Lite is your ideal companion.
NEW: Now with Real Time Departures
TripMate Adelaide Lite is a powerful offline timetable app which provides fast timetable access for Adelaide Metro Buses, Trams & Trains.
With TripMate in your pocket you have access to Adelaide's transit information anywhere and anytime. Unlike other transit applications you do not need network access to check your timetable information. This means you get results fast.
TripMate makes your commute easy with a variety of benefits:
* TripMate works anytime and anywhere. No data network connection required.
* Immediately find the next departure for your Stop. By Route or by Stop name.
* Scan Stop Code QR code stickers at stops (currently being rolled out across Adelaide)
* Use predictive search from the action bar on the top of the app to quickly find your Route or Stop.
* Demo feature: Favourite Routes & Stops (with nick names) for convenient access.
* View next Departures.
* View Trip details.
* View the Stops for your Trip on the map.
* All the timetable information is stored on your phone.
* TripMate informs you when updated timetable information is available for download from the 'More' screen. Don't worry, TripMate has the tiniest timetable files among all other transit apps out there. This saves you both bandwidth and storage space on your device. Check your notifications bar to download the most up-to-date timetable available.
* Note: all times displayed are local Adelaide times
This free version is ad supported. For an ad-free version and additional functionality (Favourites, Nearby Search, etc) please check out our paid version.
Get access to fast timetable information and download TripMate Adelaide Lite today!
For any feedback or bugs please contact us on Twitter (@trip_mate), our website (http://www.tripmate.info/contact) or like us on Facebook (http://facebook.com/tripmateapp).
* TripMate工作随时随地。无需数据网络连接。
* TripMate会通知您何时更新时间表的信息是可以从“更多”屏下载。别担心,TripMate有最微小的时间表文件中的所有其他公交应用程序在那里。这样可以节省您的带宽和存储空间,您的设备上。请检查您的通知栏下载最先进的最新时间表可用。
如有任何意见或错误,请联系我们的Twitter(@ trip_mate),本公司网站(http://www.tripmate.info/contact)或者像我们在Facebook(http://facebook.com/tripmateapp)。

TripMate Adelaide Lite Transit 更新内容

* Several bug fixes
* Performance improvements

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Android 2.3 以上
Google Play

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