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Little League Scorekeeper

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Little League Scorekeeper Little League Scorekeeper Little League Scorekeeper Little League Scorekeeper Little League Scorekeeper Little League Scorekeeper

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* The Authorized Little League scorekeeping app, powered by award-winning GameChanger technology
GameChanger is a simple yet powerful app for baseball scorekeeping and softball scorekeeping. Our mobile app and website provide scorekeeping, stats, live GameStream plays and game recap stories for thousands of amateur baseball and softball teams.
“By adopting GameChanger, we're raising the bar once again to enhance the game experience and create greater engagement for parents and fans” - Steve Keener, President & CEO, Little League International
* Chosen partner of USA Baseball, Little League International, Cal Ripken Baseball, MaxPreps.com, Perfect Game USA, eteamz.com and East Cobb Baseball.
* Coaches and scorekeepers will save valuable time with extensive stat management tools, spray charts and pitch-by-pitch game recaps.
* Fans can view live GameStream plays or stats and read game recap stories.
* Learn more and get started at www.GameChanger.io.
* FAQ and App User's Guide: www.GameChanger.io/help
* Video Tutorials: www.GameChanger.io/help/tutorials
* Little League Online: www.LittleLeague.org
* Create your team, schedule, roster and lineup
* Make easy roster edits and substitutions
* Quick view of on-deck & in-the-hole batters
* Capture play results with simple menu selections
* Drag defensive players to location where ball is fielded
* Drag and drop advancing runners
* View live score, pitch counts and play-by-play recaps
* Undo plays for in-game editing
* Resume scoring a game with auto-save on every pitch
WEB FEATURES (www.GameChanger.io)
* Create teams, rosters and schedules for access on the app
* View live play-by-play and box score ("GameStream")
* View post game box scores (basic and advanced)
* View and sort dozens of batting stats including: AB, H, AVG, RBI, OBP, SLG, OPS, and 6-plus pitch at-bats
* View and sort dozens of pitching stats including: IP, H, R, ER, BB, SO, HR, ERA, Batters faced, Total pitches, Total strikes, First pitch strikes, strike %, batters on or out in 3 pitches or less
* View dynamic spray charts for every ball put in play
* Read and share auto-generated game recap stories
* Share game updates via email, text, Facebook and Twitter
The Little League Scorekeeper is designed by an entrepreneurial and customer-focused team at GameChanger Media, Inc.
“GameChanger is essential for any baseball program. Do you’re program a favor…become a Game Changer” – Marc L., High School Baseball Coach
“There is no better app for scorekeeping at any level. I won’t ever coach without it.” - Wilo C., Youth Baseball Coach
“GameChanger makes the fan a more involved part of the team and the game. Our families, like most, live very dynamic lives and it was GameChanger that brought them the game when they were not able to attend. It truly is a "Game Changer!"- Dwight S., High School Coach
“Many family and friends can’t travel to every game but now they can keep in touch. I can't say enough good stuff about this program. All of our fans also get updates on Facebook and Twitter. - Jill M., Softball Scorekeeper
“GameChanger is every coach’s most useful in-game tool.” - Dan M, Youth Coach
“GameChanger absolutely made my life easier as a team manager.” Orlando D., Youth Team Manager & Scorekeeper
“I instantly loved the ease of use.” - Kathy L., Tournament/League Administrator
“We utilize the spray charts from the other teams we have played so that we can adjust our defensive accordingly. GameChanger has helped us win several games already!” - Jay H, Youth Baseball Coach
Testimonials for GameChanger and Little League Scorekeeper - Powered by GameChanger

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