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Shopfully - Weekly Ads & Deals

Shopfully - Weekly Ads & Deals

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Shopfully - Weekly Ads & Deals Shopfully - Weekly Ads & Deals Shopfully - Weekly Ads & Deals Shopfully - Weekly Ads & Deals Shopfully - Weekly Ads & Deals Shopfully - Weekly Ads & Deals

Shopfully - Weekly Ads & Deals 描述

Save up to 50% on your shopping and enter for the chance to win $500 with our Weekly Sweepstakes to spend at your favorite stores!
On Shopfully, you’ll find deals at Walmart, Target, Kmart, Dollar Tree, Bed Bath &Beyond, Big Lots, RadioShack, Staples, Coldwater Creek and many other big-name stores!
Shopfully is the location-based digital platform that showcases the weekly ads and catalogs of top retailers and brands in categories ranging from grocery to electronics, discount, clothing, hardware, home and sports, displaying them to users when they are near store locations.
Shopfully is eco-friendly: it helps save trees by transforming paper ads to digital format, making it easy to flip through them when you want and where you want using your smartphone, tablet or computer without harming the environment.
Main features of app:
- WEEKLY ADS: quickly search and browse all the weekly ads in your neighborhood
- DEALS: discover the best deals of the week selected by our staff
- MAP: use the built-in map to find the location of any store including address and phone number, then choose your preferred navigation program to get directions with one click
- STORE HOURS: decide where to do your shopping on Sundays and holidays thanks to always up-to-date store hours
- ALERTS: get notified of the latest sales and price cuts at the stores where you shop
- FAVORITES: save your favorite ads and deals so you can easily access them while shopping
To send us feedback or ask a question, write to info@shopfully.com
You’ll find big name retailers such as Walmart, Target, Kmart, Sears, Best Buy, Staples, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond and many others. Never miss a sale!
Saving money with paperless weekly ads and catalogs is a breeze with Shopfully, making it easy to find the best deals and promotions when you shop! Save your favorite ads and catalogs with the tap of a finger and flip through them whenever you want!
Save time by using Shopfully to find out which stores in your neighborhood are open 24 hours or late at night, be sure you know the exact price of products you’re interested in before you get to the store, and don’t waste any more time sorting through junk mail!
Download now and enter the Sweepstake for the chance to win $500!
Official Rules: http://bit.ly/ShopfullySweepstakes
节省高达70%的购物和赢得我们的抽奖活动每周$ 500在您最喜爱的商店花的机会进入!
在Shopfully,你会在沃尔玛,塔吉特,凯马特,美元树,床Bath&Beyond的,Big Lots的,RadioShac​​k公司,史泰博,冷水河等众多大牌店找到的优惠!
- 每周广告:快速搜索和在你家附近的所有浏览每周广告
- 美国:发现一周我们的工作人员选择最优惠的价格
- 地图:使用内置地图找到任何商店,包括地址和电话号码的位置,然后选择您喜欢的导航程序来获得与点击方向
- 营业时间:决定在哪里做你的周日和假日购物的感谢要始终保持最新的商店营业时间
- 警报:获得通知在您购物的商店最新的销售和降价
- 我的最爱:保存您最喜爱的广告和优惠让您可以轻松购物的同时访问它们
现在就下载并进入马票为赢得$ 500的机会!

Shopfully - Weekly Ads & Deals 更新内容

This release includes some bug fixes and general interface improvements.
- We applied Material design guidelines for a better user experience.
- The drawer is more organized and focused on the main features.
- The store information view is restyled for a better accessibility.

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Android 4.1 以上
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